3 Mil Whirl-Pak Disposable Sampling Bags | Consolidated Plastics

These 3 mil disposable sample bags are ideal for sampling milk, water, soil, specimens and more. Made with extra strong polyethylene material, the bags hold the sample with an airtight seal. Completely leakproof closure to keep contents from being spilled or contaminated. 3 mil leakproof bags are sterile. FDA and USDA accepted.

1-Tear off top
2-Pull tabs to open
3-Pour in sample
4-Pull tape ends to close
5-"Whirl" bag shut
6-Lock tape ends

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3 Mil Whirl-Pak® Disposable Sampling Bags
Description Part No. Price Qty Add To Cart
6" x 9" 24oz Whirl-Pak Bags - 3 Mil
Quantity per carton: 500
5" x 15" 36oz Whirl-Pak Bags - 3 Mil
Quantity per carton: 500

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