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Looking for the perfect entryway mat for your business? Our most popular entrance mats are the Brush Dry Mats, our heavy duty Aquasorb Premiere Mats, and our Aquasorb Classic Deluxe Mats. Have any questions? Call us at 800-362-1000.

Consolidated Plastics provides the very best options in entryway mats for indoor areas or covered outdoor locations. Entry rugs are often a necessity for the safety of your employees and visitors to your business. They also prevent excess dirt and water from collecting at your entryway. Majestic and Aquasorb brand mats offer the very best in beauty and durability. Our Aquasorb mats provide superior performance and are the premiere entryway mat for trapping moisture and dirt; in addition they dry quickly and are easy to clean. Need a 5 foot wide entrance mat? Check out our Regal Nylon Mat or our Regal Nylon Ultimate Mat!

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Colors/Types: Extra Large Mats, Carpet Mat Runners