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Founded in 1981, Consolidated Plastics is a family company based in Stow, Ohio. Consolidated Plastics offers a variety of commercial floor matting, bottles, containers and bags. Focused on providing environmentally friendly products, the company is proud to offer many products that are made in the USA including 99% of our floor mats. Aquasorb & Majestic commercial mats are made from recycled rubber tires and drink bottles.

Highest Quality Mats & Superior Customer Service:

Despite being the largest business to business supplier of entryway matting in the country, Consolidated Plastics remains a small customer-focused company. Recently we have committed to stocking our Aquasorb and Majestic mats as well as anti-fatigue mats making sure these items ship same day. Most other commercial mats ship within 2-3 business days. With an average length of service of over 25 years, our customer service associates are guaranteed to provide exceptional service answering any question you may have with a smile you can hear! We sell only the highest quality products and promise to ship quickly & accurately.

Our Commercial Mats catalog offers wide varieties and styles of entryway matting and floor mats. We sell entrance mats, logo mats & anti-fatigue matting. Check out our best-selling Aquasorb line, made for heavy traffic and wet weather, keeping your floors safe and clean all year long.

Shipping Your Orders:

Consolidated Plastics bottles, bags and containers are always in stock and ready to ship the same day filled & packed by Jim (serving you since 1992) and Dave (not missing a day since 1988).

To request a copy of our Commercial Mats printed catalog call us at 800.362.1000 or view it online now.


Our Product Offering Includes:

To request a copy of our Bottles, Containers and Bags Catalog call us at 800.362.1000.

Brenton Taussig

Meet Brenton Taussig:

Hi I'm Brenton Taussig, President of Consolidated Plastics. If you've purchased from us just recently, or for over 38 years, it is such a tremendous honor to call you our customer. If you are considering starting a relationship with us, then I speak on behalf of everyone here at Consolidated Plastics that we are blessed to have the opportunity to win your business. I am personally involved in every aspect of Consolidated Plastics, making sure you receive courteous, prompt and knowledgeable customer service (we answer over 97% of calls within 3 rings) and making sure that you receive the highest quality product shipped quickly, accurately & at the lowest cost (we have a 99.98% accuracy rate)! Please feel free to reach out to me with whatever need you may have.