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Anti-Fatigue Mats - Reduce Discomfort & Risk

In a wide variety of work environments, standing for long periods of time is an unfortunate reality. Production line employees, dental assistants, car repair mechanics and mail sorters are just a few of the workers that face hours on their feet on a day-to-day basis. Whatever the industry, standing on your feet for extended periods of time can be exhausting and if the position requires standing on hard tile or concrete, the result could be excruciating. One way to reduce the pain and potential injury that workers face is to integrate anti-fatigue mats into workstations or in high-use areas. Below are just a few of the benefits, from safety to health to morale, these standing mats for work can provide to employees:


Health Benefits: Reduce Back, Foot and Leg Pain

When you stand still on a hard surface, your spine suffers the most for it. Pharmacists, lab workers and cashiers all know how much strain standing all day can put on your back. Physicians will tell you that this problem originates not in your back, but in the way your back rests on top of your legs, and ultimately, your feet. You normally notice it in your back because your back is more sensitive to pain, but the problem originates in the way your feet are resting on the floor. Anti-fatigue mats provide a cushioned rubber surface that prevents back, foot, and leg pain for employees by softening the floor surface and making it ergonomic.


Health Benefits: Reduce Worker Fatigue from Hard Surfaces

Standing on hard surfaces for an extended period of time is tiring. Employees who have to endure these working conditions become fatigued and many times have a difficult time performing their job efficiently. The harder the surface and longer the job, the more stress the body sustains from standing. Anti-fatigue work mats provide a comfortable work environment for employees by allowing them to stand on a cushioned rubber mat. These rubber anti-fatigue mats compress to prevent feet from absorbing all of the resistance of a hard floor surface and let workers work without the distraction or discomfort of fatigue.


Health Benefits: Promote Better Circulation and Reduce Joint Pain

A major contributor to the previously mentioned back foot and leg pain and fatigue is that employees may experience is bad circulation. Standing in one place for an extended period of time can reduce blood flow, which can contribute to joint pain and is unhealthy for the reset of your body as well. Anti-fatigue rubber mats reduce the strain on joints and muscles to allow blood to flow evenly and regularly to prevent circulation problems in employees.


Safety Benefits: Help Reduce Slip and Fall Injuries

In many working environments, there are wet and oily areas that can cause injury from a slip or fall. A slippery spill can cause an employee to be hurt or seriously injured. There are anti-fatigue mats that are oil, grease and chemical resistant to reduce the risks of these dangerous situations. Some mats have runoff grooves or provide a raised platform under which spills can pool.


Safety Benefits: Protect Dropped Breakables

Rubber anti-fatigue mats not only protect employees, they also protect fragile products from breaking if dropped on production lines or during employee handling. Mat implementation saves your company money in lost goods and saves the time of cleaning up broken product or filling out incident reports. Depending on your product, there is a high likelihood that some pieces will be dropped or knocked off onto the floor. By using anti-fatigue mats, an employer can improve the efficiency of production.


Increase Overall Work Safety

Many companies, especially in the industrial or manufacturing world have safety regulations and requirements. Companies take these regulations very seriously, and some companies keep a public running of days since the last injury or offer bonuses or rewards for periods with no injuries. If OSHA finds that violations are occurring or that an employer's work floor is not safe, big fines could be administered. Violations could cost a company a lot of money. Anti-fatigue mats not only provide a healthy workplace for standing long periods of time, they also provide a safe workplace and help reduce employee work-related health problems. No employer wants to have employees injured on the job--this can eventually raise insurance rates and result in lawsuits against the company, which could be very costly.


Provide Employee Comfort & Morale Boost

Most employees would like to work in a comfortable environment, free from situations that cause physical pain or injury. Employee satisfaction and morale is an important aspect of what makes a company successful. If employees are happy, they will report to work, do their jobs well and have more positive interactions. How employers treat and provide for their employees reflects on what kind of company they are. Prospective employees listen to what is said about a company, and if the working conditions are poor, no one will want to work for that company. On the other hand, if a company provides a comfortable and safe work environment for its employees, the employees will feel more cared for and will have more respect for the employer. Anti-fatigue mats provide a safe and comfortable place to work.


Increase Worker Productivity

Happy workers are more productive workers. It's just that simple. Employees that are physically uncomfortable in their work environment will not perform as well as those that are comfortable. Jobs that require standing for long periods of time can be hard on many parts of the body, so employees that stand on hard surfaces all day will often complain of back pain, headaches, and joint soreness. Anti-fatigue mats were designed and made with this type of employee in mind. If employees are standing on tile or cement, they will eventually have physical ailments. Anti-fatigue mats help reduce pain and make standing in one place all day long possible and comfortable.


Protect Company Assets

Providing Anti-fatigue mats for employees reduces the risk of a lawsuit or insurance claim, both of which can impose huge costs to everyone involved. Employees who stand all day need an anti-fatigue mat to reduce the stress on ligaments, tendons and muscles. Without the mats, employees suffer bodily injury from back pain, foot problems and headaches. If employees are injured on the job, from doing their job, they could sue the company claiming the conditions were poor which caused their injury or could also file an insurance claim for on the job injuries. Providing anti-fatigue work mats demonstrates to employees, insurance companies, and juries that the company is serious about protecting their workers.