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Cleaning Your Stand Up Floor Mat

The best way to preserve your stand up workspace is to maintain your stand up floor mat through regular cleaning and care. Without a well maintained anti-fatigue floor mat, your stand up desk becomes an uncomfortable and even unhealthy place to work. Understanding how to clean floor mats properly is key.

How Should I Clean My Standing Floor Mat?

You should regularly sweep and dry-mop your anti-fatigue mat to deal with daily exposure to small amounts of dirt and debris.

If you need to thoroughly clean your standing floor mat, you should wet mop your anti-fatigue mat using a mild soap or detergent. You will be able to achieve the best cleaning results if you use a detergent with a pH of 4.0 – 9.0 such as mild dish soap, Ivory soap, or baking soda.

Once you have wet mopped your anti-fatigue mat, let the mat completely dry before using it. Additionally, it is recommended that you clean the area surrounding your mat for maximum effectiveness and safety.

This is all you will need to effectively clean and maintain your floor mat for years to come.

Choosing to use other cleaning methods and products can do more harm than good. Thus, you should not do the following when cleaning your standing mat:


DO NOT use steam, degreasers, or caustic chemicals to clean your anti-fatigue mat.

DO NOT machine wash your standing mat.

DO NOT scrub your mat with a heavy brush or other abrasive tools.


How Often Should I Clean My Anti-Fatigue Mat?

This question wholly depends on the environment that you work in on a daily basis. There are many things to consider when determining how often you should clean your anti-fatigue mat. Is there a lot of foot traffic? What sort of elements is my mat exposed to? Do I primarily work in a more dry or wet environment? Questions like these will help you determine how often your stand up mat should be cleaned. Typically though, you should clean your floor mat frequently if you work in a high traffic area that tracks in a lot of dirt and causes potential slip hazards. However, if you are just standing at an office desk, you may not have to clean your mat as frequently because it will not get dirty as quickly.

Why Should I Clean My Floor Mat?

An anti-fatigue mat that is beaten down and covered in dirt and grime wears down much faster than a mat that is habitually cleaned and cared for. Neglecting to clean your floor mat decreases the longevity of your anti-fatigue mat.

To get the most out of your mat, in terms of money and use, cleaning your mat on a regular basis is a must.

Stand up floor mats that are worn down, due to a lack of cleaning, reduce the effectiveness of the mat itself. This makes your standing workstation uncomfortable and even unhealthy if you stand for long periods of time without proper support to your feet and legs.

Additionally, leaving your standing floor mats dirty and unkempt can be a tripping or slipping hazard to yourself and your co-workers. Especially if you work in a wet or potentially slippery environment such as a kitchen or chemical plant.

Consolidated Plastics wants to make sure you continue to live a comfortable and healthy life when using our stand up matting products. Cleaning your stand up floor mat is another step in the right direction! Call or contact Consolidated Plastics today to learn more or speak with a helpful associate.