Commercial Mats

Consolidated Plastic has a large selection of various Commercial Mats. We carry a wide selection of commercial matting, everything from standard entry way floor mats to Custom Logo Mats. In addition, Consolidated Plastics offers many anti-fatigue mats for worker comfort and safety. Click on the links below to be directed to the commercial mat categories:
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Entryway Matting

Commercial floor mats are an important part of your building maintenance program. The right entrance floor mat stops dirt and water at your door and provides a safe surface to walk on. Indoor and covered outdoor entryway mats that we carry include our Brush Dry Mats, Premiere Brush Dry Mats, Economy Mats, Aquasorb Premiere Mats, Majestic Entryway Mats, Majestic Plus Mats, Majestic Half-Oval Mats, Aquasorb Eco Mats, Aquasorb Swirl Mats, Aquasorb Classic Mats, Aquasorb Classic Deluxe Mats, Aquasorb Select Mats, Oriental Mats, Aquasorb Personalized Door Mats, Aquasorb Eco Roll Mats, and our Eco Berber Mats,



Logo-Mats Custom Logo Mats

First impressions matter and when guests enter your business, you want it to look its best. Customizing and branding your business begins at the front door. Commercial-grade, fully customizable entry mats from Consolidated Plastics welcomes guests with a professional touch. Additionally entry mats provide safety in entryways where slips & falls can happen. Custom logo mats that we carry include our Aquasorb Classic Logo Mat, Custom Logo Mat, and our Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat.

Logo Mats, Ideas and Proofs
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Rubber-Mats Anti-Fatigue Matting

In a wide variety of work environments, standing for long periods of time is an unfortunate reality. Production line employees, dental assistants, car repair mechanics and mail sorters are just a few of the workers that face hours on their feet on a day-to-day basis. Whatever the industry, standing on your feet for extended periods of time can be exhausting and if the position requires standing on hard tile or concrete, the result could be excruciating. One way to reduce the pain and potential injury that workers face is to integrate anti-fatigue mats into workstations or in high-use areas. Anti-Fatigue Mats that we carry include our Ultra Anti-Fatigue Mats, Diamond Cushion Mat, Ultra Sponge Plus Mats, Ultra Sponge Mats, Softstep Mats, Marble Cushion Mat, Premiere Marble Cushion Mats, Drain Top Cushion Mats, Ultra Anti-Fatigue Modular Tile Mat, Ultra Comfort Mats, Heavy Duty Diamond-Plate Sponge Mats, Super Soft Diamond Plate Mats, and our Happy Feet™Anti-Fatigue Mats.



Rubber-Mats Rubber Mats

We have a variety of rubber mats that are ideal for kitchens, bars, prep areas, and industrial use. The rubber mats that we carry include our Very Light Weight Flex Flow Mats, Light Weight Dek-Mat, Drain Top Cushion Mats - 3 Sided, Heavy Duty Rubber Tire Mats, and our Rib Mat Corrugated Vinyl and Rubber Matting.



Outdoor Entry Mats Outside Door Mats

Attack the dirt, mud, snow, and salt before it gets into your business with our outdoor entryway and door mats. The outdoor mats that we carry include our Super Scrape Mats, Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper Mats, United Mat™ Brush Scrape Mats, and our Heavy Duty Rubber Tire Mats.