Consolidated Plastics’ Environmental Commitment

Consolidated Plastics’ Environmental Commitment

At Consolidated Plastics we have always been an environmentally conscious team. This may sound like a strange statement coming from a company that still sends out a paper catalog to our customers & sells plastic bottles & bags, so we have decided to give you some more insight into what that exactly means!

First off, we mail catalogs. This may sound archaic, but there is something about holding a physical catalog that makes for a better shopping experience! We have continued to refine our product offering so we can have less pages and use less paper when printing catalogs. Second, we continually clean our mailing list as to purge duplicate names, and correct addresses so as not to waste a single catalog. In addition, we have reduced the frequency of our mailings. Finally starting in 2021 we have partnered with One Tree Planted to make sure that for every tree used in printing our catalogs, One Tree Planted will plant one. That means they will be planting 2500 trees in 2021. Four specific areas will be receiving the benefits of these trees including 1000 in our own back yard, the Appalachian Forest, 500 in Colorado to help with their most recent forest fires, 500 more trees in the National Parks’ Forests, and the final 500 trees in Ghana. Please take a minute and learn about this fantastic organization that Consolidated Plastics is proud to partner with:

Next, let’s talk about our products. We sell plastics, yes. We sell plastic bottles , many of which are squeezable for dispensing. Imagine trying to squeeze glass or metal? We sell spray bottles, which commonly have chemicals in them. If these were glass, and they dropped and broke, it would be an environmental mess. We sell plastic reclosable bags that are used to transport solids & liquids. Sure there are other ways to transport but not nearly as efficiently or cost effectively as a zipper bag. Our trash bags spx ) are made with a new hexene resin which is stronger and more resilient than the common LLDPE used, which saves plastic. We sell Nalgene labware, all of which is meant to be reused over and over again, and many of their products are even autoclavable for proper sterilization between uses. There are glass products used in laboratories but for the most part there is not good alternative to plastic labware.

Our line of floor mats is turning green. Our Aquasorb line have a carpet top made form 100% post consumer recycled PET drink bottles. The backing of these mats is composed of 20% recycled rubber tires as well. We even have a mat that is made entirely from recycled car tires. We are located 25 minutes away from the rubber capital of the world Akron Ohio, and where the University of Akron’s Polymer Science program is. They are working on creating more easily recycled plastics. They recently received a $2 million grant from the Department of Energy for this study! What is also incredible is that another fantastic institution 35 minutes north of us, Case Western Reserve University, just received a $2.5 million grant to study upcycling plastic waste. We plan to help with these programs and be a part of the solution.

Finally, we occupy a very energy efficient building that is rated by the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system as “Gold”. There are a lot of factors that go into achieving this rating from the onset of building. For instance, the roof is white which helps reflect the sun, instead of a dark colored roof that absorbs the sun and increases the need for cooling. Every window is airtight & the building is well insulated. All of the lights are LED, reducing energy use by over 50%. With a 63,000 sq ft building, more than half of our site is left without a parking lot or structure. We have our own stormwater detention pond that helps alleviate pressure on municipal storm water systems and helps filter the water before going into streams and rivers.