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How to Succeed at "Standing Up"

Standing up is a common occurrence in our everyday lives: we stand up out of our chairs, we stand up while we give a presentation, we stand up to dance, we stand up to exercise, we stand up every morning we get out of bed, we stand up to accomplish a great many things in and throughout our lives.

It is so common place in fact, that we barely think about the action of “standing up”.

At this point, we might be eager to join in on the chorus of Bob Marley’s infamous song “Get Up, Stand Up”, but we need to realize that, in reality, standing up is not as easy as we think.

If you don’t believe me…

…then I suggest you stand up and see what happens.

You might be successful standing up most of the time, but it doesn't always work out that way for others.

Slippery Floors

Falling down happens to the best of us, even to Boise State guard Derrick Marks who couldn’t seem to get back on his feet when he tried to get back on defense against San Diego State. Ed Sheeran’s lyrics, “When your legs don’t work like they used to before,” come to mind.

Bad Jokes

Standing up is not always measured by the physical action of using your legs to support yourself in an upright position. Although this woman is indeed standing up successfully, she fails to be a “stand up” comedian.

She was partially correct, I was not “alright” after hearing that joke.


Learning to stand up is something we all struggle with when we are young. We slowly stand ourselves up on our wobbling legs, take a few small steps forward, tumble to the ground, and try again. This cute little puppy is having a similar difficulty.


Many people don’t know this, but snowsuits are the ultimate bane of standing up. They are big, bulky, and inflexible. This makes it difficult to walk and even more frustrating to stand back up should you fall down, as displayed in that classic film A Christmas Story.


Fashion models are fit, beautiful, but not perfect when it comes to standing up. This model doesn’t bode so well in her high heels along this 20 meter runway at the Madrid Fashion Week. Some heels are not meant to be worn, but rather left on a shoe shelf and admired form a distance.


The law takes many different forms when standing up to criminals. In this situation, justice stood up to this Northern California burglar by tripping him up after attempting to rob a local convenience store.

The Oscars

While the yearly event, known as the Oscars, honoring cinematic achievements in the film industry, it also hosts the most imminent threat to that balance and stability of celebrities, reporters, and others attendance. With hundreds of steps, long walk ways, big dresses, and glaring lights, someone is bound to have difficulty standing up. Some people are more susceptible to these environmental obstacles, yet we continue to love Jennifer Lawrence more and more.

Ice or Irony

Some circumstances make it hard to identify what impedes our ability to stand up. In this situation, a newscaster interviews two locals who are jogging during snowy weather in Portland. Was it the slippery snow? Or the ironic fact that one of the joggers exclaimed, “It’s the perfect texture for running. Very low impact and its dry snow so your feet don’t get wet.” You judge for yourself.


In order to seal a good performance, Olympic gymnasts must stick their landing and stand up. During his 2nd vault attempt, Olympian Stefan Beletsky is unable to stand up and stick his landing due to an unfortunate malfunction. Just because the video is a television commercial, doesn’t mean it is not funny.

A Slab of Meat with Mittens

Remember that movie from the 1987 called, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”? Of course you do! Well, if you ever talk to a cab dispatcher the way Steve Martin does, you may not be able to stand up for a long while either.

At this point, you may be questioning your own ability to stand up in the real world. Fear not! With one of Consolidated Plastics Ultra Anti Fatigue Mats, you can succeed at standing up.

Be it at home, at work, or anywhere else you need a surefooted place to stand, the Ultra Anti-Fatigue Mat’s nitrile rubber surface and PVC cushion will make your experience comfortable while protecting you from slips, trips, and any other obstacle that may hinder your success to Standing Up.

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