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Jobs that Require Standing & How Consolidated Plastics Can Help Relieve Fatigue

Cashier and Pharmaceutical Jobs: Dealing with the Pain of Standing

Whether at a Starbucks, Subway, or a Home Depot, a job as a cashier has always been identified with long periods of standing. Although some prefer the ability to move around and not be confined to an office chair while they serve customers, standing at a cash register for hours at a time can result in back, leg, and feet pain and fatigue.

Cashiers, you’re not alone! Here is an article from CNN that discusses ten jobs that require standing and come with all of the same pains.

Whether at a local drug store, large clinical practice, or public health service, pharmacists all share the same problem: pain from extensive periods of standing. Standing at a pharmaceutical counter serving customers or filling prescriptions for hours at a time can result in back, leg, and feet pain and fatigue.

While some physical remedies, such as stretching or trying to maintain good posture, can be of help in the short-term, these things will simply put off the pain and not get to the root of the problem.

When you think about it, our body requires almost constant support. In general, that support comes from lumbar support when sitting in an office chair or from a Tempur-pedic™ mattress when we sleep at night.

So what kind of support can we give our feet when we stand? Most people believe that arch supports and comfortable shoes provide enough reinforcement to keep our legs, feet, and back from hurting. However, this is often not the case.

If you are experiencing aching while you stand in your workspace hour after hour, the best solution is to invest in a Consolidated Plastics Anti-Fatigue Mat! Tell your store supervisor or facilities manager about our anti-fatigue mats. They provide the comfort, durability, and safety you need to maintain your health in a physically strenuous job. If you are a store manager or a facilities manager, think about your employees and provide them with the very best workspace to do their job comfortably. This minimal investment will improve employee morale, productivity and show you care.

The proper relief and support of both leg and back muscles is not only good for physical health, but also beneficial to the overall morale and attitude of employees. While standing is a healthier alternative to sitting, it can actually have a serious and sometimes permanent effect on one’s circulatory system. With the use of an Anti-Fatigue Mat, customers are provided with up 5/8” of soft, supportive sponge to make all those aches and pains disappear.

Consolidated Plastics wants to make sure you can enjoy the benefits of Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats for years to come. That is why Consolidated Plastics prides itself in constructing exceptionally durable mats that have been proven to withstand even the harshest of working conditions.

If you are tired of all the aches and pains that come with your job as a cashier, order your Consolidated Plastics Anti-Fatigue Mat today and watch those aches disappear!