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Custom Floor Mats for Your Recreational Facilities

Are you looking for matting products to fit the various needs of your recreational facility, whether it is a movie theater, zoo, or amusement park? Consolidated Plastics is the first place to look!

The most important place for a recreational facility mat is the outer entryway into your facility. This is the area where the most consistent foot traffic occurs, as well as the area where the most water, dirt, mud, snow, and other debris can be tracked in on the feet of your customers. The last thing your employees want to do is to have to continually sweep and mop your front entryway to keep your customers from dangerous falls. Instead, get the perfect entry mats that will do the cleaning for you! Recreational facility matting that begins on the outdoors is the first way to ensure debris stays outside where it belongs. This way, your employees can get back to the more important work of attending to the needs of your customers. Our best outdoor matting that will serve as your first line of defense include:

Right after any outdoor entryway come a lobby, ticket office, or inside entryway. Even though an outdoor entry mat will help rid shoes of the bulk of the filth, matting that continues on the inside of your recreational facility will ensure any remaining mess is caught by your matting and not spread throughout your facility. This will keep your clients from slipping, as well as provide a clean, welcoming environment for each customer who wishes to watch a movie, observe exotic animals and wildlife, or enjoy the front seat on your scariest rollercoaster. We offer over twenty indoor entryway matting products that vary in size, thickness, and design so you can find a product that meets the specific needs of your recreational facility.

We also offer four varieties of custom logo mats that can act as either outdoor or indoor entryway mats so you can keep your facility clean while also increasing your personal brand recognition. We make custom logo recreational facility mats tailored to fit the unique space, size, and design of your facility. Our custom logo matting products include:

In addition to keeping the entryways of your recreational facility looking polished and clean, we offer anti-fatigue mats and chair mats to keep your employees happy, whether standing or sitting, and your swivel chairs on the move.

As supplements to our matting products, we offer grip strips to keep your vinyl-backed mats in their place and safety track tape to give your stairs more texture, which will make dangerous slips and falls disappear.

Ready to give a polished, stylish welcome to movie buffs, animal lovers, and thrill seekers alike into your recreational facility? Invest in our quality matting products today!