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Custom Floor Mats for Your Schools & Universities

Are you looking for school logo matting products to fit the various needs of your school or university? Consolidated Plastics is the first place to look!

The most important place for a school/university mat is your outdoor entryways. Students don’t normally think about how dirty their shoes are when they walk from building to building for each of their classes. With how much foot traffic universities are likely to have on a constant basis, dirt and water will be covering your floors in no time. Matting that begins on the outdoors is the first way to ensure dirt, mud, water, and other debris stay outside where they belong. Our best outdoor matting that will serve as your first line of defense include:

Right after any rubber school/university outdoor entryway comes an inside entryway. Even though an outdoor entry mat will help rid shoes of the bulk of the filth, matting that continues on the inside of your school or university will ensure any remaining mess is caught by your matting and not spread throughout your facilities. This will keep your students safe from dangerous slips and falls, as well as reduce the amount of time your janitors will have to spend sweeping and mopping the floors. We offer over twenty indoor entryway matting products that vary in size, thickness, and design so you can find a product that meets the specific needs of your school or university.

In addition to keeping the entryways of your school or university buildings looking polished and clean, we offer anti-fatigue mats and chair mats for the offices of your facility to keep your teachers, professors, and employees happy and your swivel chairs on the move.

As supplements to our matting products, we offer grip strips to keep your vinyl-backed mats in their place and safety track tape to give your stairs more texture, which will make slipping and falling disappear.

Make sure your students and facilities are kept clean and safe by investing in our quality rubber school logo matting products today!