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Restaurant Custom Floor Mats & Anti-Fatigue Chefs Mats

Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat

Our custom logo restaurant floor mats can help you keep your restaurant and kitchen areas clean and dry, all while promoting your brand from the floor up!

And they can help you make a positive, lasting impression with your patrons. Consolidated Plastics can put just about any logo on our Custom Logo Mats, our Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats, and our durable Super Scrape Custom Logo Mats. With hundreds of color options and a wide selection in standard sizes (up to 60 ft. in length), as well as virtually limitless options for custom sizes, we are here to help you promote your brand.

Restaurants of all shapes and sizes typically have high traffic entryways that need to stay dirt-free and dry for the safety of both employees and guests. (Although it’s hilarious when a cartoon character slips and falls in a nice restaurant and the spaghetti goes flying, it’s anything but when it happens in yours.)

Kitchen areas must be kept dry to prevent slip and fail accidents. Our commercial grade floor mats are built to keep your customers and employees safe.

Light Weight Flex Flow Mats for Restaurants

Our anti-fatigue restaurant kitchen mats, sometimes called chef's mats, will also help provide extended comfort and stress relief to the back, knees and neck of your employees

We do not charge for setup. Just supply your artwork and view your proof (in color) on our website. Need ideas? Search the logo mat database.

Every restaurant needs floor mats, why not make them custom and include your logo?

Bon appetit!