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Unique Accessories for Your Workspace

How to Benefit Your Standup Workstation: Interesting Setups and Accessories

The newest trend in office workstations is the standup desk! Not only does standing while you work keep you healthy, but it keeps you productive and focused. Most typical standup desks are homemade…come on, all you have to do is stack up a couple boxes and put your computer on top!

See? That wasn't too difficult! Some people go the sophisticated route and buy their standup desks, ranging from simple setups to custom made. Some go even crazier and add a twist to their standup desk.

Yes, that wooden hamster wheel actually spins. You don’t believe me? You better take a look at this article then.

To see some truly creative workstations and office desks, take a look at this article.

While some of these setups look strange and others look perfect, there is always a way to make a good thing even greater! To build yourself the perfect standup desk, you have to have all of the right accessories. Let’s take a look at eight accessories that every person with a standup desk should have.

1. Comfortable Shoes

If you have switched to a standup desk, your days of wearing 5 inch heels or Dockers are gone! When you are standing for a couple hours at a time, all of your weight is where? On your feet! It is absolutely critical that your feet are given the proper support so you stay healthy and your feet and back stay happy. A tip I would strongly recommend is keeping a comfortable pair of shoes at your desk at all times, just in case you forget them at home and attempt standing in shoes that won’t do the job. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

2. Anti-Fatigue Mat

Have you ever noticed that standing can get very tiring after only a short period of time? I have too! Just like you get tired after standing in a long line at an amusement park, standing at your desk can be very tiresome and can wear out your feet quickly. This is because your feet become fatigued after standing on hard surfaces. Although comfortable, supportive shoes will help with this, an added layer of protection and support can come from an anti-fatigue mat. Don't purchase just any old anti-fatigue mat! Make sure you choose one that is durable and fits your needs, while also fitting within your budget. As a side note, Consolidated Plastics is a great place to get your anti-fatigue mat! Check out our mats here.

3. Step Stool or Footrest

When standing, we tend to change the position of our feet and legs often, trying to take the pressure off of tired areas. A step stool can help you change up your standing position by allowing you to put one foot up from time to time. This tool will help you maintain good posture, while allowing you to be as comfortable as possible throughout your workday. If a step stool doesn't work for you, another option can be a footrest that is lower to the ground, but will still take the pressure off of your feet. Take a look at this article from the Huffington Post, titled, "Forget Standing Desks. Hamster Wheel Desks Are What's Up.

4. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are yet another accessory that adds versatility to the way you stand, while adding a bit of a workout to your everyday routine. By standing on a foam roller for a short period of time during your day, you can relieve the stress put on your feet. When buying your foam roller, make sure to pick on that is durable and firm so it doesn't become misshapen after standing on it. You can choose from any range of smooth to rigid surfaces, depending on the feeling you want for your feet. To see some truly creative workstations and stand up desks take a look at Hongkiat's article, "20 Uniquely Designed Workstations & Office Desks"

5. Mini Elliptical, Treadmill, or Bicycle Trainer

A great way to add variation to your time standing can be to add some movement! A mini elliptical is a great accessory that allows you to keep your feet and legs moving, and allows you to stay at your desk while you get work done. If you don’t mind the extra bulk, a treadmill or bicycle trainer are two additional ways for you to stay active at your desk.

6. Supportive Chair

Now, why are we talking about chairs when we should be standing at our standup desks? Remember: You should not be standing at your standup desk all day long. You should take breaks because our bodies aren't meant to be standing at all times. Therefore, it is essential to have a supportive chair on standby for the times you aren't standing.

7. Standup Chair

One of the newest accessories for standup desks is the standup chair. It is yet another option for you to add variation in the way you stand and sit so you can stay comfortable and productive during your workday.

8. Tablet, Laptop, or Monitor Mount

This last accessory may not seem necessary at first, but there are several reasons why mounting your laptop, monitor, or tablet can benefit your standup desk. A mount can give you extra space on your desk, allowing you to keep your desk clean and less cluttered. The most important reason to mount your monitor is because it promotes better posture by giving you the ability to move your monitor to the height you need, rather than making you adjust your stance to better view your monitor.

All of these accessories will not only benefit the setup of your standup desk, but they will ultimately help you in your pursuit of a healthier way to spend your workday.