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Vinyl and Anti Fatigue Mats

Consolidated Plastic has a large selection of various vinyl and Anti-Fatigue Mats. We carry many different commercial Anti-Fatigue mats; everything from Ultra Anti-Fatigue Mats to Happy Feet™Anti-Fatigue Mats. Click on the links below to be directed any of the Anti-Fatigue Mats:

Ultra Anti-Fatigue Mats

    Textured Nitrile Rubber surface combined with a closed-cell Nitrile/PVC cushion backing provides the ultimate in worker comfort .

Marble Cushion Mat

    HEAVY-DUTY MARBLEIZED RUBBER TILE. Buoyant, anti-fatigue matting provides superior support for workers

Premiere Marble Cushion Mats

    DIAMOND TEXTURED MARBLEIZED RUBBER TILE. Diamond rubber top pattern with classic marble finish delivers both worker comfort and style

Ultra Sponge Plus Mats

    Our longer-wearing pebble-top finish applied to our best selling Ultra Sponge mat provides worker comfort and adds extra life to your matting budget.

Ultra Sponge Mats

    100% closed cell PVC sponge offers proper leg and back support preventing the achiness associated with tired and strained muscles

Softstep Mats

    This reliable fatigue-fighting floor mat is constructed of 100% closed cell vinyl foam.

Diamond Cushion Mat

    Diamond Pattern surface is more than twice as durable as a traditional PVC foam mat

Heavy Duty Diamond-Plate Sponge Mats

    An exceptionally buoyant, sure-footed, work surface specifically created for safety and comfort. Hi-cell, super compression sponge base to enhance productivity and relieve fatigue

Super Soft Diamond Plate Mats

    Provides maximum worker productivity and comfort, dense closed cell sponge adds firm support

Light Weight Dek-Mat

    THE LIGHTER WEIGHT, EASY TO HANDLE MAT, THAT COMBINES ECONOMY AND UTILITY! Stop fighting with your heavy kitchen and bar mats

Very Light Weight Flex Flow Mats

    Lightweight and extremely flexible, this mat is one tough performer providing maximum resistance to water, oils, greases, chemicals and animal fats, plus this 100% Nitrile Rubber mat is also anti-static

Drain Top Cushion Mats - 3 Sided

    Grease-resistant rubber matting is designed for wet and oily areas

Happy Feet™Anti-Fatigue Mats

    EXCELLENT ANTI-STATIC PROPERTIES. Our toughest anti-fatigue mat is hightly resistant to chemicals, animal fats and petroleum products

Heavy Duty Rubber Tire Mats

    MEETS THE TOUGHEST CHALLENGES OF INDUSTRIAL USE. Insulates against hard, cold, wet, or slippery floors

Rib Mat Corrugated Vinyl and Rubber Matting

    100% Vinyl Matting features ribbed surface for easy cleaning and surer footing … low-cost floor protection that helps control floor maintenance costs