How to Choose the Right Floor Mat | Consolidated Plastics

Which Type of Floor Mat is Right for Me?

Entrance Mats

There are 3 basic categories of carpet-top mats for your entryway:

  1. Vinyl backed mats are significantly less expensive than rubber backed mats. These include our bestselling Brush Step, Premiere Brush Step and Economy Mats.
  2. Rubber backed mats are very durable, do a better job scraping dirt, slush & snow and hold more moisture. They last longer than vinyl backed mats. The Aquasorb and Majestic mats are all made of the same high quality rubber and carpet.
  3. Logo Mats to promote your company come in 4 different styles: Aquasorb Inlay or Berber Inlay for higher performance, Custom Logo Mats for the best image and Super Scrape for outdoors.

Outdoor Mats

We have 3 different outdoor mats, United Brush Scrape, Super Scrape and Shoe Scraper. All are high quality and you can pick based on personal preference.

Anti-Fatigue / Rubber Mats

We have a wide range of industrial grade anti-fatigue and industrial mats. The highest quality, best selling anti-fatigue mat is our Ultra Anti-Fatigue. For a lower cost, yet still effective anti-fatigue mat, see our Ultra Sponge and Diamond Cushion mats.