Year: 2012

Renting Mats vs Buying Mats

Commercial floor mats are an important part of your building maintenance program. The right mats stop dirt and water at your door and provide a safe surface to walk on. But if you are renting floor mats, you could be paying

Anti-Fatigue Mats and Worker Safety

Anti-Fatigue Mats – Reduce Discomfort, Reduce Risk In a wide variety of work environments, standing for long periods of time is an unfortunate reality. Production line employees, dental assistants, car repair mechanics and mail sorters are just a few of

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What is the Best way to Clean My Commercial Floor Mat?

Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep your mats looking fresh. A “shake-out” is sometimes needed when the dirt has been packed into the mat. Our Aquasorb and Majestic line of mats can be hosed off with soap and

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Custom Logo Mats and Marketing

Custom Logo Mats: A Great Way to Promote Your Business Whether you work in a retail store, for a dentist, or a manufacturing company, logo mats add color and style to any business office. Custom logo mats not only serve the traditional

Which Mat is Right for Me?

Entrance Mats There are 3 basic categories of carpet-top mats for your entryway: Vinyl backed mats are significantly less expensive than rubber backed mats. These include our bestselling Brush Step, Premiere Brush Step and Economy Mats. Rubber backed mats are very durable, do a

How does the Logo Mat Process Work?

Place your order over the phone or on our website. You can e-mail the artwork to: with your order number in the subject line or upload your artwork at checkout. We will create a proof for you in 1-2