Year: 2013

T’was the Night Saint Nick Almost Slipped

The air was cold and ground was stark white, As Saint Nick traveled on that fateful night. With his reindeer at the helm he dashed on forthwith, Oblivious to the hero that would save him that December 25th.   The

ESD Industrial Matting

Does your company work with sensitive electronics or other products that dislike being shocked by static electricity? Then it might be time to look into ESD floor mats. Controlling electrostatic charge during the industrial process is important to preserve the

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Ultra Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats vs. Competitors’

If your assembly line involves high temperature materials or high-heat applications, you are probably in need of industrial floor mats that can stand up to a unique environment. Industrial floor mats are an investment and a necessity for the protection

Commercial Anti-Fatigue Rubber Mats

The safety and comfort of employees in the industrial and manufacturing industry should be the number one concern of every employer. Many commercial industries are subject to commercial risk such as handling dangerous chemicals, slips and falls, working with or

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The Logo Mat Collection by Consolidated Plastics

The ability to promote your company or business while improving the safety of your employees and customers are generally viewed as two separate objectives. Consolidated Plastics combines these two very important goals into one easy, simple solution! The Logo Mat

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Entry Mats: Regal Nylon vs. Regal Nylon Ultimate

Entryway mats have become an absolute essential in today’s office buildings and businesses. Properly placed, an entry door mat can add so much value: whether it just be in practical usefulness or in aesthetic looks, or both. Find out below

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Linkable Lightweight Flex Flow Mats!

Industrial & manufacturing companies depend on streamlined processes that don’t go wrong. The moment things go south, big money is at stake. When it comes to industrial floor mats, Consolidated Plastics understands this. That’s why we sell only the best

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Rubber Floor Mats vs. Vinyl Floor Mats

An ongoing debate has pitted two very different materials against each other, in an attempt to determine which makes the best matting. The simple truth however is that neither material is wholly better than the other. Both have their own

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How to Select an Industrial Floor Mat for your Manufacturing Facility

Modern day manufacturing machinery has replaced human workers in many ways, but it is still just as important as ever to keep employees safe and comfortable. After all, a happy worker is a productive worker. Towards this end, many companies

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Picking the Right Color

Color can dramatically affect the mood of a business and its customers. In different cultures, colors have various meanings. It is very important to feature the right colors in your building based on your businesses’ brand, image and intentions. The