Year: 2014

Premier Brush Dry Mats

With the winter months come all of the wonderful amenities that cold weather brings: snow, ice, moisture, along with excess mud and dirt. Every business must find a way to rid their offices of the potential safety hazards that follow

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Keep Your Facility Safe This Winter

HUDSON, Ohio  – With Maine getting over a foot of snow this past weekend, and snow moving through the northern Rockies, winter is now on everyone’s mind.  The Christmas shopping season officially began November 1st and the National Retail Federation

How Quality Commercial Matting Can Be Eco-Friendly

When looking for a mat to meet your business needs, you might wonder: Is all commercial matting created equal? We could talk all day about how Consolidated Plastics produces quality indoor and outdoor mats for a variety of commercial settings,

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Custom Logo Mats

Every business needs floor mats, so why not have them customized?  Consolidated Plastics offers custom logo mats that will help brand your business from the floor up.  Not only does a custom floor mat promote your business, but it also

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat

Purchasing an anti-fatigue mat may seem like a simple and intuitive task, and in reality it is when you know the tips and tricks for getting a quality anti-fatigue mat at a great price. However, not knowing quality anti-fatigue matting

Consolidated Plastic’s New Website Launch

Consolidated Plastics is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our new, innovative website, outfitted with a refreshing new design, updated tech support, user friendly navigation, and an easier purchase process. We took your advice, we considered your requests, and

Keep the Elements Outside, Where They Belong

Those responsible for keeping company offices clean don’t always look forwards to the winter months, and we don’t blame them!  Between ice, salt, slush and snow, buildings have a tough time keeping their interior presentable. Fortunately, Consolidated Plastics has the

Anti-Fatigue Matting: Ultimate Comfort, Durability, and Safety

As Americans, we have had great success as a nation over the last half a century in technology, innovation, business, and so much more. Because of this the majority of us live very good, happy lives filled with comfort, durability,

Fall Injury Prevention in the Workplace.

Winter weather seems to transform building entrances into ice skating rinks all too easily, which presents more than a few liabilities when it comes to customers’ and employees’ well-being. Not all commercial entrance mats live up to their names when