3 Reasons to Invest in Quality Floor Mats Instead of Retail Floor Mats

Consolidated Plastics Releases Competitor Comparison!

Consolidated Plastics just released an infographic comparing the quality of competitor mats to their own. While competitors make floor mats with color and a customer’s budget in mind, Consolidated Plastics takes those traits and adds quality and dependability on top!

If you are looking to buy floor mats for your home or business, Consolidated Plastics wants to show you why they are the best place to find quality, dependable floor mats that will add beauty to your entryways. While it’s important to match the décor of your entryway, there are other key factors to selecting a quality floor mat to grace your entryways.

Here are three reasons to invest in quality floor mats from Consolidated Plastics rather than an inexpensive mat from your local retailer:\

Reason #1: Thickness Matters

Why does the thickness of the backing of a floor mat really matter? Let’s think first about what you want your mat to do. Most likely you’re adding an entryway mat to your home or business to ensure that those entering are safe and kept clean. More importantly, over time the edges of retail quality mats will curl and crumple. This deterioration will often create safety issues like slips and falls by catching on shoes, door jams, or not lying flat against the floor. Consolidated Plastic’s floor mats are more than three times thicker than many of our competitor’s mats. That extra thickness ensures a clean, crisp look in your entryway and, most importantly, a safe entryway.

Reason #2: Longevity Matters

When you purchase a quality mat from Consolidated Plastics, you are investing in a lasting fixture for your entryway. Our thicker vinyl backing keeps your mats safely in place. Our taller and denser brush dry fiber catches dirt and traps moisture, while resisting wear from foot traffic. All of these features combine to give you a floor mat that looks beautiful and does its job for longer!

Reason #3: Quality Matters

In the end, quality always wins. Investing in quality, American-made products like our brush dry mats provides a safe and beautiful addition to the entryway of your home or business. See and feel the difference yourself!

View the new infographic at https://www.consolidatedplastics.com/assets/3-reasons-to-invest.pdf