3 Reasons Why Commercial Matting Is Needed For Churches This Winter

Happy Holidays from Consolidated Plastics

Holiday Influx – 3 reasons why commercial matting is needed for Churches this winter

Christmas is a time for celebration. Friends and Family gather together during this special time of the year. Traditions fill the days leading up to Christmas: getting and decorating the Christmas tree, making gingerbread houses, singing holiday songs, kissing under the mistletoe… the list goes on and on. Every family has their preferences to what traditions they love to follow. Traditionally, Christmas Eve service(s) at every church sees a major influx of people. Why? It is still a beloved and cherished Christmas tradition to go with young and old, rich and poor, to sing to and celebrate the New Born King.

But all church buildings are not the same. Some churches are new and huge; other churches are quaint and full of history. No matter how large the church is, however, the major influx can make that particular building seem packed. Every church building may be relative, but what is not relative is how busy every church for Christmas Eve Service.

Here at Consolidated Plastics, we believe we can help churches in their time of need with our Church Matting Products for three reasons:

  1. Keep the dirt (and snow!) out

Our quality Church Matting Products like Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats, and our durable Super Scrape Custom Logo Mats keep the major traction of dirt, salt, slush, and mud out of your building. Most churches are carpeted, only furthering the need to keep the wet conditions of winter outside.

Our mats differ from non-commercial grade mats due to the quality of their production. The thickness of a mat is an important component of its quality. A thick mat traps more dirt and is more durable and lasting through much foot traffic. Our quality American-Made brand produces a thick and durable mat that will also save on reoccurring expenses, making your mat a permanent fixture rather than a ratty rug that keeps needing replacement.

  1. Keep your church Safer

The hustle and bustle of the season brings more people into the doors – and that’s great! But this year can be full of the white snow we love to sing about in holiday songs. With snow comes ice and both can be dangerous. Slip and falls can be the result of icy front entrances, wet floors, torn carpets, and loose rugs. The last thing anyone wants on Christmas Eve is having a slip and fall! Protect your guests by investing in a Consolidated Plastics Entryway Mats that provides good traction and minimizes wet floors and loose rugs.

  1. Customize your floors

The Christmas decorations are up in the foyer, sanctuary, classrooms, and offices. Why not highlight the beauty of your church’s entrance with a custom church logo mat too! We use state-of-the-art technology to display your logo in a professional, eye-catching way. Why not fill your building with the spirit of your church from the floor up?

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