3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Chair Mat

Chair Mats are beneficial to any public or office space. Here are three reasons why everyone should have a chair mat:

  1. More protection

Floor Protection –  Floors are hard to keep looking new and fresh, whether it is a hardwood floor, carpet, or a tile. Some damage will most likely come to your floors due to wear and tear. Floor protection pays off in the end. Chair mats help curve the damage of wear on tear in some of the most concentrated areas of traffic. But did you also know that floor manufacturers can and have voided their warranties unless you use chair mats? Chair mats protect from indentations, scuffs and other marks, staining and damaging spills, and fading that come from sitting behind a desk.

Equipment Protection – Additionally, if you have carpet flooring, there is the larger possibility of static electricity reaching your computer and causing damage. Anti-static chair mats prevents an increase of static, keeping your data and your electronic equipment safer

  1. Less maintenance

According to floor cleaning companies, a public space or office building should clean their floors anywhere from once a month to avoid any buildup of mold, mildew, dust, and dirt. Geographical location and weather seasons drastically play into how damaging foot traffic can become. We forget how many hours a day we sit in the same spot or how many times we return to that same spot. Maintaining the integrity of your floors includes regularly maintaining the cleanliness of your floors. Having a chair mat saves your floor from the initial contact of dirt as well as the process of repeatedly grinding said dirt into the carpeted surface. Keep your space looking professional by utilizing a chair mat!

  1. Less effort

Why not make it less effort! Chair mats make it much easier to move around within your workspace if you have a rolling chair. It takes much more concerted effort to roll your chair on carpeted surface than on a chair mat. Rolling back and forth on carpeted flooring all day can lead to back pain and leg strain.
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