7 Reasons Why Commercial Matting will save retail stores many headaches.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As always we can expect hoards of shoppers this holiday season. Black Friday has traditionally been the kick-off to the holiday season. Stores filled with happy shoppers, holiday cheer and the lights, smells and sounds of the holiday season abound!

But that’s not the whole story for retail stores…

With the longer store hours, extremity of weather, and increase in foot traffic, higher stress levels are inevitable.

Here at Consolidated Plastics, we believe that taking care of your employees and customers during this holiday season starts as soon as they walk into your store. And what lowers stress levels better then satisfied and happy employees and customers?

Consolidated Plastics Presents: 7 Reasons Why Our Retail Commercial Matting will save YOUR retail store many headaches this Holiday Season.

1) Anti fatigue –

Store hours are longer, the days get colder, and people’s stress levels can run high. Fatigue that comes from working in retail during this season can set in quickly for employees. Taking care of your workers should be a key focus during the holiday season. Our Anti Fatigue mats help your employees stand longer and healthier throughout the season – literally saving your retail store headaches from fatigue and aching backs, legs and sore feet.

2) Durability –

With an increase of foot traffic comes an increase of dirt, snow slush, salt stains, and more. Our quality commercial matting products for retail stores are specially designed to take the wear and tear of high foot traffic, leaving you to worry about something more important than the floor mat by the door.

3) Cleanliness –

The thickness of our commercial matts for retail stores also prevents the outside elements (dirt, water, snow slush, salt, etc.) to be tracked into your store. Our Brush Dry Mats help keep your store clean and fresh during the grueling weather months. This busy season shouldn’t be spent always worrying about the cleanliness of your floor – invest in a durable Consolidated Plastics mat and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year in clean store!

4) Safety –

The hustle and bustle of the season brings more people into retail stores. That’s great! But in a lot of places, there is more ice and more snow during this season. Accidents can be the result of wet floors, torn carpets, and loose rugs. The last thing a retail store wants is having a customer or employee fall! Protect the patrons of your establishment as well as your business this Christmas Season by investing in a Consolidated Plastics mat!

5) Save money –

Saving on reoccurring expenses is paramount. Throwing your money into extended cleaning and annually buying new floor mats is not the way to save money! Having a lasting mat that stays cleaner and keeps your store cleaner, helps you focus on you serving your customers. And what more could you ask for from St. Nick this Christmas?

6) Branding –

Custom logo mats – need we say more? Everyone has matting in a place of business – why not utilize your mats to build a stronger brand for your company?   Stand out from your competitor and order a custom floor mat to showcase your brand today!

7) Marketing –

Consolidated Plastics can put just about any logo on our Custom Logo Mats, our Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats, and our durable Super Scrape Custom Logo Mats. We offer hundreds of color options, standard sizes (up to 60ft in length!) as well as custom sizes. Marketing your business starts with your first impression – your brand, the professionalism of your environment, it all plays into how your customers will spread the word about your business. We are here to help you promote your brand from the ground up!