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The Consolidated Plastics Experience at Home

For our next view of the Consolidated Plastics Experience, it’s time to head home. Walking through the door, we take a moment to pause. What does home feel like? There are so many places that we can call a home

The Consolidated Plastics Experience at School – Cleaner & Safer Schools

Some people look back on their school days with nostalgia, some feel relief and yet others may experience other emotions! While it would be nice to attribute the good times to the presence of plastics, they were more likely due

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Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Store

A common mantra in business has always been “Location, location, location.” With the way our plastics can improve the experience in your store, the new saying should be “Plastics, plastics, plastics.” Just by going into a store, you can see

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Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Office

You almost certainly know someone who works in an office. It may even be you, reading this post at your computer. Take a moment to look around and you might see your wooden desk, the springy cushion of your seat,

Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Lab

As Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Perhaps this, more than any other thought, addresses the human fascination with science, especially laboratory science. To the uninitiated, science seems capable of the impossible. But

How Consolidated Plastics Helps Factory Operations

Given that we make such a range of products, we thought it might be useful to see how people put our plastic items to work. We’ll start with how Consolidated Plastics helps in factory operations. The factory is the nerve

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Plastics and Summer Heat

Are you and your plastics ready for summer? As the days grow longer and the heat index ramps up, our thoughts turn to the hottest time of the year…you know, where we enjoy the taste of cool lemonade, the smell

Whats New in the World of Plastics

If you think of the plastics industry as established, staid and stationary, you might be surprised to learn that the field is constantly growing and changing. To many, plastic is simply a mat, a molded bottle or the keys on

Our Commitment to Recycling & Sustainability

Recycling can seem like a daunting topic, reading about the amount of trash that goes into the ocean, or seeing video about the deterioration of our environment. In the last 50 years alone, humanity has used more of our finite

Consolidated Plastics – Making Commercial Mat & Plastic Product Buying Easy

In this dynamic world, is seems like the only constant is change itself, particularly in regards to technology. You sit down with a cup of coffee, and up pops a notice of a system update. Favorite websites turn into confusing

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