Branding Your Company in Every Way

There’s no doubt about it, companies live and die with their brands. Therefore it makes sense that if your goal is to get new customers; your brand needs to be fresh and exciting. Likewise, if your goal is to turn new customers into consistent customers, your branding needs to be consistent too. No one wants to engage in business with a company that doesn’t seem sure of itself, and that’s the exact impression that inconsistent branding can lead to.

So how can Consolidated Plastics help you? Logo mats from Consolidated Plastics give you the ability to offer a professional, consistent first and last impression to customers – right as they walk in or out your door. How will this be accomplished? Through customized floor mats, which are specifically designed to show off your catch phrase and/or logo to literally everyone that enters or exits your business.

These custom logo mats are constructed of the highest quality materials, including recycled rubber. Guaranteed to last years without a dip in performance, your logo will be deep dyed using Consolidated Plastic’s Perma-Dye process with Stain Stopper Technology. To sweeten the deal, a mere 10% cost increase buys high definition, photo-realistic logos, perfect for those who want to buy the best custom floor mat on the market.

Although these custom logo mats are definitely designed for branding purposes, they lose none of their functionality in the process. Consolidated Plastics custom logo mats will keep your businesses interior clean and develop a consistent branding image throughout your location.  If you’re already interested in purchasing floor mats for your company, Consolidated Plastic’s custom logo mats are a perfect choice.