Brush Mats for Your Office

Like most offices, yours probably suffers from excess dirt, mud, or moisture now and then.  It is especially common during the winter months for ice and snow to get tracked around and potentially become a safety hazard.  These are fairly frequent problems faced by many offices across the country. Fortunately, there are several ideal solutions for your office.  High-quality brush dry mats are ideal for several reasons:

Reliability. Brush dry mats are known for their dependability and reliability. Constructed from polypropylene carpeting and a heavy duty vinyl base, these mats are intended for high-traffic areas where they can take the constant wear and tear. Premium brush dry mats are also available and are even better suited for heavy usage, due to their distinctive carpeting patterns designed specifically for maximum effectiveness.

Safety. Believe it or not, brush dry mats increase office safety.  In the absence of such a mat, employees and clients might slip and fall on wet or moist surfaces throughout the office. The mats however allow water, snow, and ice to be trapped before they are tracked everywhere. In addition to this feature, the heavy-duty vinyl base of brush dry mats is non-slip, giving users maximum traction without fear of the carpet slipping out from under them.

Economical. One of the best advantages of implementing brush dry matting into your office is its cost effectiveness. Unlike other carpeting and mats, which can be less effective & more expensive, brush dry mats were designed with economics in mind. Now, you can keep your office cleaner without breaking the bank. Not only will you save the money, but also the time. Cleaning an office will always take time, but with the addition of brush dry mats, that time can be lessened.

Appearance. Last but not least, brush dry mats are relatively neutral in appearance. Even after heavy usage, the mat’s appearance is not much different, thanks to its ability to hide dirt. Even better, many brush dry mats are stain-resistant, which keeps them looking nicer for longer. This directly contrasts other types of indoor mats, which may not be so accommodating to your office’s professional appearance.

Brush dry mats are reliable, budget-friendly, have a neutral appearance and provide a safer work environment for your employees and your customers.