Buy American, Buy Quality

The American Middle Class was built upon the shoulders of manufacturing. Throughout much of the 20th century and even the late 19th century, American manufacturing functioned as the nation’s leading economic engine. This point is further proven by examining both World Wars, during which time our nation’s infrastructure and manufacturers managed to arm and mobilize the entire Allied force.

During the 1970’s however, America began losing manufacturing to other countries. Now, our nation’s leadership is looking to reverse this worrisome trend. Recently, they spoke of a renewed and strengthened manufacturing base in America, hoping that it would improve America’s economic outlook. The goal is to create and sell products all over the world that are stamped with three simple words: ‘Made in America’.

And that goal has been taken very seriously. At Consolidated Plastics, we continue to manufacture 99% of our commercial mats and matting right here in America.

Why are we proud of this? At Consolidated Plastics, ‘Made in America’ is synonymous with the word ‘quality’. Our American-made, commercial-grade mats are top notch, guaranteed. Quality is not the only benefit of keeping our manufacturing U.S. based.  Additional benefits include:

Made in America =

  • More jobs for hardworking Americans.
  • A stronger U.S economy, which will in turn preserve the global economy.
  • More infrastructure (and manufacturing-potential) should the need ever arise.
  • Higher corporate tax revenues for the U.S. government, which can be used to reduce the national deficit.

In short, American manufacturing is one of the best safeguards to our economic security. And Consolidated Plastics is right here with you supporting these ideals. If you ever find yourself in need of commercial mats and matting, please consider Consolidated Plastics. When you buy American, you buy quality, while simultaneously preserving the American way of life.