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Branding Your Company in Every Way

There’s no doubt about it, companies live and die with their brands. Therefore it makes sense that if your goal is to get new customers; your brand needs to be fresh and exciting. Likewise, if your goal is to turn

Innovative Logo Mats

The consumer-retail industry is perhaps the largest industry in the world, and definitely one of the most competitive. Interestingly, this poses a rather unique problem to most distributers: how to distinguish one’s self from multiple competitors that sell the exact

Unique Opportunity to Brand Your Company

Custom Logo Mats from Consolidated Plastics The name and logo of your company can define your business.  Corporate names and logos project an image of who you are or what your company does or perhaps provide a glimpse into your

Investing in Commercial Floor Mats: Why is it Important?

“Slippery When Wet” signs have become one of the most used warnings across America. Indeed, it seems as if almost every non-residential building now owns one or more of these signs, as a precaution to both clients and employees. What

The Difference Cleating Can Make

Have you ever walked on a floor mat that was slipping around? I know I have, and chances are that you have too. In fact, chances are that the slippery mat you walked on had a vinyl backing, because vinyl

Food Service Ergonomics

Many people would agree that the chef is one of the most important employees in the Food Service industry. While the industry encompasses a variety of establishments from four-star restaurants to fast food chains, a chef or chefs are always

Custom Logo Mats Feature: The Automotive Industry

Automotive dealerships are judged by their appearance, on the lot, and off. Therefore it is important for every competitive dealership to maintain a state of cleanliness, especially inside the office. Although a difficult task thanks to car fluids, asphalt pieces,

Brush Mats for Your Office

Like most offices, yours probably suffers from excess dirt, mud, or moisture now and then.  It is especially common during the winter months for ice and snow to get tracked around and potentially become a safety hazard.  These are fairly

Buy American, Buy Quality

The American Middle Class was built upon the shoulders of manufacturing. Throughout much of the 20th century and even the late 19th century, American manufacturing functioned as the nation’s leading economic engine. This point is further proven by examining both

Your Company’s Welcome Mat

First impressions matter and when guests enter your business, you want it to look its best.  Professional, tidy, warm and inviting are all characteristics that a business owner strives to achieve for their employees, their prospects and their clients.  Whether