Changing of the Seasons

It’s the end of summer, the kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, darker and chillier. So as you make plans to replace your furnace filter and stock up on batteries for the smoke detectors, now is also the time to replace your outdoor walkway matting.

If you think about it, walkway matting is a lot like the other rubberized materials that protect your valuable property from winter weather damage, like snow tires or heavy-duty floor mats for your car. In the winter, the road conditions can change quickly, with snow and ice putting road maintenance crews to work with plowing, scraping and salting the streets and highways. While this is helpful for driving, it’s also hard on things like carpets, sidewalks and wood floors – just as it is for the interior materials for your car or truck – and all-weather floor mats are the protection you need to avoid damage.

For example, to eliminate excess water, and especially salty water, which is even more damaging than regular tap water, our all-weather floor mats are designed to be your office or business’s first line of defense against water, road salt, mud and sand. Solid rubber, our Super Scrape and Heavy Duty Shoe Scraper mats are

Wiping snow off boats on heavy duty mat

Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper Mats keep water, salt and mud outside where it belongs

rugged enough to allow visitors to knock snow and dirt off their shoes. Their textured design features sculpted channels that are built to trap water, mud and dirt, and they’re made of a heavy rubber that resists curling, cracking and hardening in the cold. Our United Mat™ Brush Scrape mat is the perfect choice for entryways, and our industrial-grade Heavy Duty Rubber Tire Mat – comprising 2-inch rubber links woven on galvanized wire – is built to meet the toughest weather challenges, the hardest and wettest floors, and the greatest amount of wear and tear.

We all know that, once the winter sets in, we’re gonna wish we’d done a little more to prepare for the cold – especially the miserable aspects of melting snow, with its uncanny ability to be a dirt magnet, and its streaky, messy salt residue that wants to find its way inside your facility. So plan ahead and order your cold-weather entryway mats right now, and scratch one more thing off your winter to-do list!

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