Premises Liability – Understanding Commercial Property Owner Liability

Let’s talk for a minute about promoting safety in your workspace. Sometimes we forget that workplace injuries not only harm people, but can also hurt your bottom line. The National Safety Council noted in 2003 that almost $70 billion – with a ‘b’ – is paid out in compensation and doctors’ bills every year due to employee slips and falls, and that number has grown significantly since then. In fact, employee injuries of this type have become such a popular problem that you can calculate how much a workers’ compensation claim is worth simply by typing those words into a search engine. (There’s a link within the first few results on both Google and Yahoo.) And workplace safety is a key consideration for customers, too. In one recent safety case, a customer at a grocery store was awarded $2.3 million in damages after a spinal injury.

That’s why we’ve developed a series of mats to help protect people from slips, trips and falls.

At Consolidated Plastics, our commercial matting cannot be beat. We offer an array of curated floor mats, which include entryway mats, logo mats and our anti-fatigue matting. Standing work areas can seem difficult to keep safe, but just look at our Softstep & Ultra Sponge Mats. Not only does these fully beveled mats reduce the risk of tripping, but our 100% closed-cell PVC sponge is proven to help alleviate the pain caused by tired and stressed muscles. And as we all know, a well-rested employee is more aware of their surroundings and less likely to trip.

In another example, wet floors can be a potential danger zone, leading to a slippery work area. Our Aquasorb mats were designed for such areas, providing additional grip to the floor, and traction for your shoes even while damp.

At Consolidated Plastics, we know preventing a fall isn’t a one-person – or one-mat – job. So we offer our grip strips and non-slip safety track tape, to help our mats to do their best work. Our grip strips stop mats from rolling up at the corners. These easily installed strips can be used on any type of floor surface, making your workplace safer every day. Request a sample today and witness how our grip strips make your mats even safer. And our non-slip safety track tape is a long-lasting roughened tape that you unroll, cut to the desired length, place on the floor and press wherever mats cannot fit. This tape works even on individual stairs or narrow work areas.

But there’s more we do for you. At the Consolidated Plastics website, we have a secret weapon to combat the slip, trip and fall accidents. Whether you’re at work, at home or in a safety meeting, just type in and select “Industries & Mat Usage” on the left side of our home page. Here we list every type of mat available, presorted for your industry. No more wondering and worrying if your mats are right for the job, because our experts have made your mat shopping and purchasing a streamlined process destined for success.

So don’t be left at risk with flimsy mats, curling corners and potential damages, both physical and financial. With high quality mats from Consolidated Plastics, you can sleep easier at night, knowing your risk is being mitigated every day.

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