Our Commitment to Recycling & Sustainability

recycled tire playground

Recycled Tire Playground – Photo By Javacon117*

Recycling can seem like a daunting topic, reading about the amount of trash that goes into the ocean, or seeing video about the deterioration of our environment. In the last 50 years alone, humanity has used more of our finite resources than in all our past history combined, some studies indicate! That’s why it’s important to support companies that remain dedicated to innovative ecology, like Consolidated Plastics, which has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and recycling. We see increased sustainability as part the circle of life for all plastics, but especially for our own. Here are a few examples of our green products, with a specific highlight on our mats.

Our Berber mats, for example, are perfect for entryways with high foot traffic. With 30 colors in three different materials (wool, nylon and olefin), it’s safe to say this mat could suit any building. But our Berber mats have a secret you’d never guess from looking at them: Beneath this stain-resistant, polypropylene fabric is a heart made from 20% recycled plastic. In fact, they’re so eco-efficient that they’re endorsed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a subset of The United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and recommended for “the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green offices”. Whether you favor the looped style, the patterned loop, or the California Berber, all our Berber mats come with the option of imprinting your logo, along with a standard stamp of approval from the environment.

Recycling efforts can also be found in our United Mat Brush Scrape Mat, made of 15% recycled material. This outdoor mat is composed of rough nylon to keep your shoes safe from mud, just as we help to protect the mud itself. EPA statistics from 2007 show that 5 million tons of tire waste were generated in that year alone, with only 35 percent of the rubber recycled. This is important because, when tires biodegrade, they release toxins that can contaminate groundwater and the soil around them. The rubber backing of our United Mat™ Brush Scrape Mat is made from these recycled tires, which helps to preserve our environment and health.

At Consolidated Plastics, we track each of our products, from their start as base components to the finish line at your doorstep, because we’ve learned that an environmentally conscious start benefits us all. And conserving native raw materials leaves more natural ecosystems intact and saves more finite resources, helping yet again. With a little forethought, Consolidated Plastics is trying to make the world a better place, and we thank you for making these types of better choices, too!