Consider the Humble Rubber Mat

Consider the humble rubber or carpet mat: It protects floors, it traps dirt and it keeps spills from spoiling clean surfaces at work, at home and at play. It welcomes people to your business, your house, your office, and your car, RV or trailer. The best mats – like the ones we make here at Consolidated Plastics – even provide a cushion for your feet and back, reducing fatigue to make standing more comfortable, all while going the distance through wind, rain, snow, ice and sun.

And what do we do? We ignore this wonderful construction, we wipe our feet on it, we walk all over it. Even when it carries a happy message, a logo or a picture – such as found on our Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mats – the best a mat can hope for is to be swept off or cleaned every once in awhile until reaches the end of its useful life, at which point we either throw it away or recycle it.

When you see a mat, do you think about all that it endures for your sake? Do you care that it’s made with a diamond-textured Nitrile rubber surface combined with a closed-cell Nitrile/PVC cushion backing for the utmost in comfort, like our Ultra Anti-Fatigue mats? Or that it has beveled edges and curved corners so it doesn’t curl or cause you to trip? Or that it’s available with either a black or OHSA-accepted yellow border? Or that its surface is slip-resistant, resistant to oil and grease, and even dissipates static electricity to make your job safer and avoid those nasty static ‘snaps’ on cold days?

Nah, you expect all that. Because, well, that’s what you expect from us, and we’re glad to keep improving our mats to make your life better.

But we recently had another thought: What if people actually appreciated their mats more than we realized? What if they took a moment to actually notice their mats, and shot a photo of how their mats looked – old mats, new mats, colorful mats, boring mats, whatever mats they had lying around?

And what if they – or, more accurately, you – then sent those photos to us, to post here on our website? We’d share your photo of your mat with the world, so other people could see how clean your mat is, or see how much abuse you’d heaped on your mat, or see how much better – or worse – your mat looked than theirs. And we’d be glad to do that, because, while we make a lot of things for people, we’re proud of our plastic mats, and we’re especially proud of the way they help make you happy, day after day.

So, here’s to the humble rubber mat, and here’s to all the ways you use and abuse your mat. Now, get out your smart phone and send us a picture of the mat that you ignore every day.

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