Custom Logo Mats and Marketing

Custom Logo Mats: A Great Way to Promote Your Business

Custom logo mat for CaliJuice California SmoothiesWhether you work in a retail store, for a dentist, or a manufacturing company, logo mats add color and style to any business office. Custom logo mats not only serve the traditional role of keeping outside elements at bay, but can add more branding and marketing value to your business. We have put together five ways this often overlooked tactic can bring your business more attention.

Collect Dirt and Protect Floors

When clients or employees walk into your office, what are they bringing in with them? Dirt is right – and lots of it! Floor mats are designed to pick up and collect dirt brought in from the outside, and keep it from getting all over the office and the rest of the building. Logo mats do that just as well, collecting collect dirt brought in from the outside and protecting your floors from dirt and helping to eliminate scuffs and wear and tear on your office floor.

Build Name Recognition

Name recognition is an ongoing battle in today’s information-rich economy. When a customer remembers your name, it’s very likely they will be a repeat customer. There is no better way to ensure that everyone coming in and out of your company building knows your name than to put it on a custom logo mat. Clients will see your name, over and over again. Name recognition is what made Coke and Nike so big. How did they do it? They put their name in front of you, time after time after time.

Enhance Your Image

A rubber mat with your logo imprinted on it can help both branding and marketing. Your branding will increase because more people will see your name and your logo, and they will see it in additional places. The more people see you, the more they will remember you. Most companies have business cards, flyers, mailers and pamphlets that they use to markets themselves. These items have the company name and logo on them. These mats are an additional way and effective way to advertise your business.

State of the Art High Quality Print

Custom logo mats made by Consolidated Plastics are of state of the art, high quality print and materials. This gives customers more confidence because your image is protected – even when it’s being walked on! Because of our high quality, durable materials and printing process, your image is safe and continues to reinforce your brand.

Stunning Logo Image

Like a mascot for a sports team, a logo represents an entire company as the defining symbol of that company. A stunning logo image on a custom floor mat will ensure that people will not only see it, but remember it. Not only do they protect floors and help prevent dirt from getting into the building, a logo mat provides a high quality way to enhance your branding and marketing to everyone who walks in and out of your business.