Custom Logo Mats Feature: The Automotive Industry

Automotive dealerships are judged by their appearance, on the lot, and off. Therefore it is important for every competitive dealership to maintain a state of cleanliness, especially inside the office. Although a difficult task thanks to car fluids, asphalt pieces, and other debris common to car lots, keeping a clean entrance and interior can really boost credibility and help display professionalism.

Another important aspect of appearance is branding. By nature, all car dealerships are branded by whatever types of vehicles they sell. Too often however branding is accomplished outside the office only, while the interior is not taken into account properly. While signs & logo designs are excellent ways to show the world a dealership’s brand, the dealer would be much better off if he transferred that same thought process into the office as well.

Appearance is everything. Fortunately, improving your dealership’s appearance has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to keep it cleaner or brand the office interior more fashionably, the solution is the same: custom logo mats, by Consolidated Plastics. Why not order a custom entrance mat with your logos on it? It’ll kill two birds with one stone. First, it will keep your office cleaner and safer, and second, it will ensure a positive branding experience as soon as potential customers walk in the door.

The custom entrance mats manufactured by Consolidated Plastics are top-notch, and leave little to be desired. Complete with a rubber backing and long-lasting nylon yarn, these mats assure years of trouble free performance. At ¼ of an inch thick, it’s not too much of a height difference to be distracting, but it’s just enough to grab the attention of whoever walks on it. In short, it’s a reliable and safe entrance mat, specially designed to promote your dealership.

Check out Bergey’s Chrysler Dodge and Jeep for example; the mat they custom-ordered from Consolidated Plastics is an excellent choice. It recognizes the dealership by name, and then provides the bold logos of all 3 vehicle makes that they sell. Imagine customers as they walk in for the first time, and the first thing they see is a beautiful new entrance mat that showcases exactly what the dealership can do for them.