Custom Logo Mats

Every business needs floor mats, so why not have them customized?  Consolidated Plastics offers custom logo mats that will help brand your business from the floor up.  Not only does a custom floor mat promote your business, but it also provides safer conditions for both employees and visitors.

We offer a wide range of solutions for custom floor mats, perfect for advertising your business, non-profit organization, or government agency.  Consolidated Plastics has the solution to both your indoor and outdoor matting needs.

Our Custom Logo Mat Collection consists of three custom matting solutions:

  1. The Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat
  2. The Custom Logo Mat
  3. The Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat

You may be wondering what the differences are between these three logo mats.  Although they may appear very similar on the surface, Consolidated Plastics specially designed each of these with a specific purpose in mind.

The Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat

This heavy duty custom floor mat is designed to absorb and hold watery substances that are typically left on shoes.  The Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat is perfect for businesses that receive consistent traffic throughout the day, by protecting customers from potentially slipping and keeping the floor nice and clean.  Made from recycled rubber tires, the cleated backing of this custom mat grabs the floor and helps prevent the mat from sliding and moving all over.

The Custom Logo Mat

Our Custom Logo Mat is made with long lasting nylon yarn that is dyed using our Perma-Dye process with Stain Stopper Technology.  This process ensures years of trouble free performance, maintains the mat’s aesthetics and functionality even through everyday wear and tear.  Again, this mat is designed with our special cleated backing made from recycled rubber tires.

We can customize a floor mat for your business with absolutely any design you choose!  We offer a vast color selection to meet your needs and precisely advertise your business.

The Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat

Designed primarily as an outdoor mat, our Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat is made of 100% durable rubber that will not fade due to sunlight.  Only a quarter of an inch thick, this mat is the perfect solution without the bulk!

This custom floor mat is the optimal solution for scraping mud and snow from shoes and boots, which ultimately keeps your business’ entryway clean and dirt free.  With a clean entryway and professional style branding, your company will maintain it’s upstanding image.

The restaurant and automotive industries are both top contenders that could really benefit from customizing their own floor mats.  Restaurants typically have high traffic entryways that need to remain dry for the safety of both employees and guests.  Automotive industries also have high traffic areas that run both indoor and outdoor.  Places such as car lots and manufacturing warehouses would benefit from our custom floor mats tremendously!  With the constant in and out, water and dirt can easily get tracked inside.  Our Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat and Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat will benefit the restaurant and automotive industries by allowing for a safer environment, as well as the additional benefit of branding your company.

Consolidated Plastics offers a convenient online ordering process that is fast and easy.  In addition, a color art proof will be created for you to view and approve before your mat is manufactured.  Check out our Custom Logo Mat Collection online or call Consolidated Plastics at 800-362-1000 today to get started!