Delta Says…

Puppy sitting on Aquasorb Classic Deluxe Mat

Dear Friends,

Today, after chasing the birds and squirrels outside, I found a cozy spot to rest just inside the door of my home. I almost ran right by it but when I felt the comfort beneath my feet, I just had to lay down. The reinforced yarn allows soil and water to be trapped beneath my paws so even though I was dirty, I could still comfortably relax.

The mat I rested on was an attractive charcoal color but I’ve heard it comes in many other varieties from evergreen to red black.   Trust me, I’ve sniffed a lot of entryway mats and this one is tops! My favorite part is that this mat is UV stable and will never fade due to the solution dyed yarn system. My owner loves it because it’s easy to clean without color fade.

You should tell your owner about these Aquasorb Classic Deluxe Mats! Wake me when it’s time for dinner.