Entry Mats: Regal Nylon vs. Regal Nylon Ultimate

Entryway mats have become an absolute essential in today’s office buildings and businesses. Properly placed, an entry door mat can add so much value: whether it just be in practical usefulness or in aesthetic looks, or both. Find out below what a quality entrance mat can do for you and your business!

Spruce up the area. It used to be that indoor entry mats were placed only near building entrances and exits, but that time is now starting to fade.  Tile floors and hallways simply beg for plush mats, even if the doorway is well into the interior of the building. With the addition of a fake potted plant or two, your hallways can be transformed from cold and weary to warm and inviting! Just imagine the picture on the left without that mat and without that potted plant. Boring!

Provide reduced slippage & easy cleaning. Doorways are the place where traffic becomes the most dense. This means more wear and tear will occur directly by the doorway than throughout the entire hall leading up to it. This increases the chance of dangerous slips and accidents. The condensed traffic also increases the need for frequent cleaning to keep things looking professional. Entryway mats however can solve both of these problems by providing better traction and better durability than traditional office flooring like tile and carpet.

“The value of indoor and interior entry door mats is clear, but where can you get quality products that match your needs? Take a look at Consolidated Plastic’s Regal Nylon Mats; unlike other cheapo mats, these truly are a step above the norm.

The standard Regal Nylon Mat utilizes heat-set nylon yarn construction, allowing it to maintain high comfort and yet still resist packing and crushing. Thanks to its design, dirt filters down rather than staying on top, aiding aesthetic appearance. It is commercial laundering safe, so cleaning is an absolute breeze. To get an idea of just how good looking this mat really is, examine the above picture! Last but not least, 15% recycled rubber was used in constructing its cleated, non-slip rubber backing, making this purchasing option more environmentally friendly than most.

Its bigger brother (the Regal Nylon Ultimate Mat) keeps the same characteristics, but with a few distinct differences. It is a little thicker, and twice as heavy; perfect for extreme high-traffic areas. For more information or to make your purchase, visit Consolidated Plastic’s website today.

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