Executive Benefit

In business, everyone wants to feel special, especially executives. They’ve had ‘executive perks’ for years, ranging from corner offices with spectacular views, to long lunches, limos, bonuses and even relocation packages. But for a day-in, day-out benefit, it’s hard to beat something that makes your job easier and your work environment more comfortable.

At Consolidated Plastics, we think that every one of your dedicated employees will be more efficient and more productive once they’ve experienced the joy of positioning their desk chair – or, with the newly identified benefits of standing up while doing office work – simply standing at their desk on our Executive Comfort Mat.

Black Executive Comfort Mat

Our premiere comfort mat, the Executive Comfort Mat, is the perfect mat for commercial and residential use

The perfect mat for commercial and residential use, the Executive Comfort Mat is non-staining and easy to clean, and incorporates a smooth transition edge that reduces the risk of trips and falls. Have a job that requires extended standing? The Executive Comfort Mat boasts a solid, polyurethane construction that acts as a cushion to provide long-lasting comfort. Ideal for use in food service, airline, retail and other high-traffic settings, the Executive Comfort Mat stands up to high traffic, maintaining its durability and elegance. It even comes with a guarantee of long-lasting comfort and support over time!

With this kind of pedigree, it’s no surprise that our new 2’ x 5’ Executive Comfort Mat does such a great job in less-demanding industries, making it a true ‘Executive Benefit’ for all of your employees, whether they have to stand, sit or walk around the workplace. With one-piece polyurethane construction and a beveled, trip-reducing edge, the Executive Comfort Mat features a flat surface that’s easy to keep clean and can be swept or wiped off. Much better quality than the mats sold in retail stores, our dense, resilient Executive Comfort Mat is 3/4″ thick, and miles better than any ‘gel mat.’

Available only from Consolidated Plastics, the Executive Comfort Mat is truly an affordable ‘executive perk’ that will make your entire staff feel special.

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