Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Lab


Flickr Photo by Authentics Trading Limited

As Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Perhaps this, more than any other thought, addresses the human fascination with science, especially laboratory science. To the uninitiated, science seems capable of the impossible. But to those of us who work behind the scenes – including the scientists at Consolidated Plastics – science is more akin to an art. Today, we pull aside the curtain in the lab, to show how our plastics, which are safer and more cost-effective than breakable glass, perform magic.

Take a look at the tools we offer for lab operations. For projects using liquids, Consolidated Plastics recommends our Thermo Scientific & Nalgene containers, including our Nalgene Jerricans. ‘Jerrican’ is the term used for a type of container initially made from steel during the Second World War. Today, we commonly think of them as gas containers. At Consolidated Plastics, our new design of the jerrican is wider than the traditional model, with a lower center of gravity for stability with volatile liquids. With a strap-fastened closure and molded-in graduations, our designs emphasize ease of use and maneuverability, including a recessed base, which can be used as a secondary handgrip. Combine this with our accurate spout and you have a user-friendly, leakproof jerrican.

If you’re looking for more basic scientific equipment, our Nalgene Griffin Low-Form PP Beakers are a necessity for general laboratory use. Traditionally made of glass, our polypropylene beakers are less fragile, and create a superior chemical resistance for intensive use with clear silk-screened graduations, all while meeting the ISO/DIS 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Accuracy. While one can order a specific size of these must-haves, the variety pack provides one of each size, from 50mL to 1000mL.

A little-known fact of lab life is the sheer number of experiments conducted each day. A wide variety of materials and chemicals are used repeatedly over the course of days, weeks or months. With our reclosable plastic bags, scientists can keep samples fresh and tools clean. Choose from our options of the Minigrip® red line or the Consolidated Plastics’ line of clear reclosable zipper bags. Each type of reusable bag comes in 2, 4 and 6-mil thickness and offers the option of a hang hole for easy storage, meeting our goals of ease of use, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness as science pushes forward in the lab. Try any of them and let us know your thoughts!