Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Office

You almost certainly know someone who works in an office. It may even be you, reading this post at your computer. Take a moment to look around and you might see your wooden desk, the springy cushion of your seat, and the pictures on the walls. But pause, and then look again. Did you notice the plastic corners on your desk, the plastic rollers in your chair, or the plastic in the picture frames on the wall? Maybe you knew that your computer is made of plastics, along with metal and glass. Plastics are everywhere, working with you at the office.

As you looked for the plastics in your office, maybe you looked down. If so, a gold star to you for noticing the office chair mat. Crucial for any chair with wheels, these flexible mats provide extra traction for rolling out after long hours at the computer. To keep those wheels turning at your office, you may want to try one of Consolidated Plastic’s premium office chair mats. With options of a bar-cleated back for a secure grip on carpet, or a smooth back for hardwood, linoleum and tile, there’s no floor that can’t benefit from the extra protection of a premium chair mat. Our unique Consolidated texture goes even further, hiding pre-existing scuffs, dings, and discolorations, while the specially designed beveled edges protect against further damage to the floor and the mat itself.

But perhaps an even humbler source of plastic caught your eagle eye as you surveyed your office: There, in your trashcan, a plastic liner that guards against the offensive smell of last week’s lunch or the nuisance of shredded scraps. Our trashcan liners come in multiple sizes and strengths for every level of use, including our Economical Liners, approved by the FDA and USDA as a High Performance Material. This quality trash liner is composed of a high-molecular, high-density resin made to withstand high impacts from everyday objects, the tensile stretch around the lip of the can, and resist tears. These liners come in easy-to-store cases of lightweight rolls, with sizes ranging from 7 to 60 gallons.

Or for an upgraded option, check out our Premium Liners. These linear low-density polyethylene premium liners deploy maximum strength to combat punctures and superior resilience against tears. Premium Liners come in four colors for a more coordinated office: Clear, Magnum Blue, Silver, or Black, each with a star-seal bottom to prevent seepage through the seams.

Even more impressive is our Premium Liner, an even more environmentally friendly bag, with many models made from a thin, strong, ultra-tough Super Hexene resin. This new resin means we use less plastic for the Premium Liners than with any other type of bag. As an added bonus, all of these bags fit the dimensions of your standard Rubbermaid® Containers, one of the most prevalent trash receptacles in the United States. But even if you can’t find your size, we recommend talking to our customer service representatives, who are experts both with plastics, and with ways to make your life easier. The modern office runs on plastic and, at Consolidated Plastics, we’re here to make the plastics in your office even better.