How Consolidated Plastics Helps Factory Operations

Factory Floor

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Given that we make such a range of products, we thought it might be useful to see how people put our plastic items to work. We’ll start with how Consolidated Plastics helps in factory operations.

The factory is the nerve center of the modern manufacturer. Every day, dedicated workers create a variety of commodities for use in their own countries and around the world. Imagine, for a moment, the ceaseless attention to detail needed to help a factory run smoothly, maximizing production while eliminating errors. At Consolidated Plastics, our job is to provide whatever we can to make this task easier, often by helping factory workers with packaging solutions.

One example is Consolidated Plastics’ Flat Poly Bag. Whether in cases of 100, 250, 500, or 1000, our Layflat Poly Bags are the perfect plastic bag for both packaging goods and safety while shipping. Made from polypropylene in America, our bags have the seal of approval from both the FDA and the USDA. We provide the option of 15 different sizes, and in each case you can choose from 5 different thicknesses: .65 Mil, 1.25 Mil, 1.5 Mil, 2 Mil and 4 Mil.

For a slightly different type of packaging need, we present the Gusseted Poly Bag. This new type of bag is pleated on every side to provide greater volume inside. The resulting flatter bottom creates a stable base, which allows the bag to stand on end. This is the ideal durable container for a full complement of small parts, not only due to its ability to maintain its shape, but also because of the transparency of the plastic. This high clarity lets you easily look inside the bag without opening it, allowing workers to more quickly assess the contents.

But some products don’t fit in bags. For unusually shaped or unwieldy products, Consolidated Plastics has the Thermo Impulse Sealer. Our Thermo Impulse Sealers use heat to seal different types of plastic sheeting together in a flat, uniform seal of up to 10 millimeters in thickness. It comes with an adjustable timer that presets the welding time for sealing different types of plastics instantly, making the inside both air- and watertight. With the Thermo Impulse Sealer, you can seal polyethylene, saran, nylon, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, pliofilm, Kel-F, Mylar, polyflex, polyurethane, and polyvinyl alcohol. Unlike other models, no warm-up time is needed as you place the plastic sheets between the seal bars, press down for the recommended amount of time, and release once the sheets are welded. The Thermo Impulse Sealer works with multiple layers of plastic, including wrinkles and gussets. With one of our sealers in hand, you can truly heat up your operational efficiency through the miracle of plastic packaging.

Next, we’ll continue to examine the Consolidated Plastics user experience with a look at research laboratories.

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