Floor Mats for Class A Buildings

Commercial floor mats have become an essential in almost every industry imaginable. If there is an office building, if there is a store, then chances are there is also a floor mat. Not all buildings in the business are created equal however. Likewise, not all entrance mats adhere to the highest quality standards and offer the most practical value.

At Consolidated Plastics, we understand that. We also understand that Class A buildings deserve larger and higher quality mats. Anything lesser can negatively impact the first impression of clients, compromise building cleanliness, or force frequent purchases of cheap replacements as floor mats quickly wear out. If you wish to avoid these issues, take some time to review Aquasorb® Eco Roll Mats.

Constructed with 45 oz. PET polyester fabric, this is one of the heaviest commercial entrance mats in the industry. It was designed specifically to hold up against even the heaviest amounts of traffic, meaning that replacements won’t be necessary for quite some time. On the same note, its polyester fabric is made 100% from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Not only is it the biggest, baddest mat around, but it also walks the walk when it comes to environmental sustainability – a very good selling point for your business.

As can be expected, Aquasorb® Eco Roll Mats are available in custom sizes, up to 12’ x 50’! Such large sizes  makes these hefty floor mats perfect for hotel lobbies, or any other company building possessing a sizeable lobby. Customization allows cut outs on the mat’s sides, allowing obstacles such as columns and ornate trimming to be worked around. This gives the finished piece a gorgeous appearance as it fits seamlessly against a wall, despite various obstructions that lesser mats would be unable to avoid.

On the subject of pleasing appearances, don’t let the heavy duty nature of these mats deceive you! Consolidated Plastics offers its mats in number of colors to match any reasonable color-scheme, plus the subtle pattern emits a simple elegance without drawing too much attention to itself. This completes the look, and is another reason you should consider an Aquasorb® Eco Roll Mat for your class A building.

For more information and specifications, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Consolidated Plastics today! We look forwards to hearing from you and seeing if we can fulfill your needs when it comes to commercial grade floor mats.