The Consolidated Plastics Experience at Home

For our next view of the Consolidated Plastics Experience, it’s time to head home.

Walking through the door, we take a moment to pause. What does home feel like? There are so many places that we can call a home – apartments, houses, condos, mobile homes and RVs, dorms – but the thing that counts is that sense of peace and relief as you step inside.  Look around, and see what first catches your eye. Is it the pictures on the walls in their plastic frames? The composite tabletop in the dining or living room? Or perhaps the jingle of plastic tags on your dog’s collar? Everywhere you look, plastics define the modern house and its care.

Underneath your feet, our own stylish at-home mats fit perfectly just inside your door. Look no further than our Majestic® Half-Oval Mats for an impressive take on the classic mat. Made here in the USA, the engineered rigid construction not only traps dirt and moisture, but also keeps the daily grime beneath shoe level for cleaner floors. In an impressive seven colors, the top of this mat is made from 100% recycled plastic drink bottles, while 20% of the underside is composed of what were formerly rubber tires. Not just eco-friendly, these Majestic Half-Oval Mats feature cleated rubber backing to keep it in place, preventing your mat from “crawling” across the floor.

If you’re looking for a thinner option, our Regal Nylon Mats add a special flourish to your front door or entryway. At only ¼” thick, this is our thinnest entryway mat, but the rounded-corner design and quality construction prevent cracking at the corners while remaining timelessly attractive in appearance. Our Regal Nylon Mat is safe for the laundry, meaning no more stained mats, and it’s available in six different colors. Most impressively, the Regal Nylon Mat features 100% static dissipative nylon yarn, a boon for everyone from babies to sock-wearers, since static isn’t really a positive experience for anybody.      

We hope this look at the Consolidated Plastics experience gives you new insight on how plastics fit into your world, and how our plastics are more than just products: They’re useful items that we’ve created to make your world a little better! On behalf of the entire Consolidated Plastics team, thank you for including us in your life!

The Consolidated Plastics Experience at School – Cleaner & Safer Schools

Some people look back on their school days with nostalgia, some feel relief and yet others may experience other emotions! While it would be nice to attribute the good times to the presence of plastics, they were more likely due to a dedicated teacher, loyal friends or a special extracurricular activity. Nonetheless, plastics made their mark on many a traditional schoolyard of the past, and even more clearly in the wireless, high-technology schools of today.

Along with skill, the winning kick at a soccer game requires plastic cones, lightweight goalposts and proper footwear, all courtesy of plastic. That ‘A’ in the classroom was made easier with the plastic pencil sharpener; desktop, laptop or mobile computers; interactive whiteboards; laminated flashcards – even your trusty student ID and library card. In any case, we at Consolidated Plastics are proud to have helped with some of the other plastic materials, if not the tests and homework.

One example is the classic entryway mat, helpful in snow, rain and dust in managing the tracks of muddy sneakers. With our Super Scrape Mats, you’re ready for any type of weather. Neither windy dust nor muddy rain nor sleety snow stays on your shoes and boots with this 100% long-lasting, scratch- and cut-resistant rubber. Not only is this mat more stable than lightweight imitator mats that the wind blows away, it’s made of 20% recycled rubber to help the environment. Your teachers would call that a smart choice!

If you’re looking for an even tougher mat, Consolidated Plastics presents the Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper Mats. With 2,500 rubber ‘fingers’ per square foot, our Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scrapers get deep into the divots and bends of every type of sole. Made of 37% recycled rubber, the Shoe-Scraper Mat traps and holds dirt in its 5/8″-thick body between cleanings to keep floors dry and safe. Simply shake the mat off outside or, for a deeper clean, hose it off with water. The added benefit of the beveled edges keeps this heavy-duty marvel flat, and prevents it from shifting and traveling with passing feet.

But what about the places in school where a mat just won’t fit? On a rainy day, recess may be canceled, but vinyl floors can still become dangerously slippery from normal foot traffic. That’s the time when our Non-Slip Safety Track Tape can hold down the edges of curling carpet or give wet stairs some extra grip. This textured, rough-surface tape promotes safety, both in hallways between classes or during assemblies in crowded gymnasiums. Simply unroll, cut to the desired length and press it into place, and you can have an extra measure of non-slip protection almost anywhere, from indoors to outdoors depending on your need. It’s perfect for everything from the monkey bars to the stairway as kids dash to math class!

So the next time you think of school, stop and consider all the accidents, slips and falls that didn’t happen because of Consolidated Plastics mats and tape!

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Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Store

A common mantra in business has always been “Location, location, location.” With the way our plastics can improve the experience in your store, the new saying should be “Plastics, plastics, plastics.” Just by going into a store, you can see how plastics are everywhere, protecting everything from the packages you buy to the floors you walk on. At Consolidated Plastics, our custom plastics make for a clean and enjoyable store environment that make customers comfortable.

When they’re out for a day’s shopping, give your customers the convenience of dedicated packaging with our Consolidated Economy Reclosable Bags for individual purchases. Our reclosable bags are also reusable, saving money and limiting impact on the environment, whether you use the strong 2-mil bags or more resilient 4-mil bags. Both of these quality polyethylene bags are FDA and USDA accepted. We recommend them for a range of products, from small components and office supplies, to artwork and perishable goods…there’s no limit on how they keep things clean and dry!

Looking elsewhere, the most memorable accessory in a store can be located directly under your feet, with our custom logo mats. Proudly displaying your pride in your business with your choice of custom logos and messages, our HD Custom Logo Mats are both beautiful and durable, since they’re made of a long-lasting nylon yarn with Stain Stopper Technology to repel dirt and pollen. At just ¼” in height, this low-profile mat is perfect for today’s cutting-edge look, with a cleated backing that clings to the floor to minimize folds and creep along the edges. To customize your mat, send us your artwork and choose from 24 different colors; Consolidated Plastics has no set up charges, and your color art proof can be viewed for free on our website.

For another ‘mat-jestic’ option, take a look at our Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats. The Aquasorb Classic offers the same quality we build into our HD Custom Logo Mat but with a rubber or fashion border, making it perfect for those high-traffic aisles and busy entrance ways. As with our other mats, your logo is custom-built from durable colored fabric sections, pieced together and then precision-bonded to a rubber backing made from 15% recycled automotive tires. Beautiful, rugged and long-lasting, Aquasorb Inlay Mats are available at sizes of up to 30 feet in length and, with 18 vibrant colors to choose from, your mat will reflect both the quality and personality of your store. And remember, to help you decide which mat works best in your store, go to our website and visit our exclusive buying guide to find the mat that’s best for your application and budget.

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Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Office

You almost certainly know someone who works in an office. It may even be you, reading this post at your computer. Take a moment to look around and you might see your wooden desk, the springy cushion of your seat, and the pictures on the walls. But pause, and then look again. Did you notice the plastic corners on your desk, the plastic rollers in your chair, or the plastic in the picture frames on the wall? Maybe you knew that your computer is made of plastics, along with metal and glass. Plastics are everywhere, working with you at the office.

As you looked for the plastics in your office, maybe you looked down. If so, a gold star to you for noticing the office chair mat. Crucial for any chair with wheels, these flexible mats provide extra traction for rolling out after long hours at the computer. To keep those wheels turning at your office, you may want to try one of Consolidated Plastic’s premium office chair mats. With options of a bar-cleated back for a secure grip on carpet, or a smooth back for hardwood, linoleum and tile, there’s no floor that can’t benefit from the extra protection of a premium chair mat. Our unique Consolidated texture goes even further, hiding pre-existing scuffs, dings, and discolorations, while the specially designed beveled edges protect against further damage to the floor and the mat itself.

But perhaps an even humbler source of plastic caught your eagle eye as you surveyed your office: There, in your trashcan, a plastic liner that guards against the offensive smell of last week’s lunch or the nuisance of shredded scraps. Our trashcan liners come in multiple sizes and strengths for every level of use, including our Economical Liners, approved by the FDA and USDA as a High Performance Material. This quality trash liner is composed of a high-molecular, high-density resin made to withstand high impacts from everyday objects, the tensile stretch around the lip of the can, and resist tears. These liners come in easy-to-store cases of lightweight rolls, with sizes ranging from 7 to 60 gallons.

Or for an upgraded option, check out our Premium Liners. These linear low-density polyethylene premium liners deploy maximum strength to combat punctures and superior resilience against tears. Premium Liners come in four colors for a more coordinated office: Clear, Magnum Blue, Silver, or Black, each with a star-seal bottom to prevent seepage through the seams.

Even more impressive is our Premium Liner, an even more environmentally friendly bag, with many models made from a thin, strong, ultra-tough Super Hexene resin. This new resin means we use less plastic for the Premium Liners than with any other type of bag. As an added bonus, all of these bags fit the dimensions of your standard Rubbermaid® Containers, one of the most prevalent trash receptacles in the United States. But even if you can’t find your size, we recommend talking to our customer service representatives, who are experts both with plastics, and with ways to make your life easier. The modern office runs on plastic and, at Consolidated Plastics, we’re here to make the plastics in your office even better.

Your Consolidated Plastics Experience in the Lab


Flickr Photo by Authentics Trading Limited

As Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Perhaps this, more than any other thought, addresses the human fascination with science, especially laboratory science. To the uninitiated, science seems capable of the impossible. But to those of us who work behind the scenes – including the scientists at Consolidated Plastics – science is more akin to an art. Today, we pull aside the curtain in the lab, to show how our plastics, which are safer and more cost-effective than breakable glass, perform magic.

Take a look at the tools we offer for lab operations. For projects using liquids, Consolidated Plastics recommends our Thermo Scientific & Nalgene containers, including our Nalgene Jerricans. ‘Jerrican’ is the term used for a type of container initially made from steel during the Second World War. Today, we commonly think of them as gas containers. At Consolidated Plastics, our new design of the jerrican is wider than the traditional model, with a lower center of gravity for stability with volatile liquids. With a strap-fastened closure and molded-in graduations, our designs emphasize ease of use and maneuverability, including a recessed base, which can be used as a secondary handgrip. Combine this with our accurate spout and you have a user-friendly, leakproof jerrican.

If you’re looking for more basic scientific equipment, our Nalgene Griffin Low-Form PP Beakers are a necessity for general laboratory use. Traditionally made of glass, our polypropylene beakers are less fragile, and create a superior chemical resistance for intensive use with clear silk-screened graduations, all while meeting the ISO/DIS 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Accuracy. While one can order a specific size of these must-haves, the variety pack provides one of each size, from 50mL to 1000mL.

A little-known fact of lab life is the sheer number of experiments conducted each day. A wide variety of materials and chemicals are used repeatedly over the course of days, weeks or months. With our reclosable plastic bags, scientists can keep samples fresh and tools clean. Choose from our options of the Minigrip® red line or the Consolidated Plastics’ line of clear reclosable zipper bags. Each type of reusable bag comes in 2, 4 and 6-mil thickness and offers the option of a hang hole for easy storage, meeting our goals of ease of use, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness as science pushes forward in the lab. Try any of them and let us know your thoughts!

How Consolidated Plastics Helps Factory Operations

Factory Floor

Photo By Futura Ind

Given that we make such a range of products, we thought it might be useful to see how people put our plastic items to work. We’ll start with how Consolidated Plastics helps in factory operations.

The factory is the nerve center of the modern manufacturer. Every day, dedicated workers create a variety of commodities for use in their own countries and around the world. Imagine, for a moment, the ceaseless attention to detail needed to help a factory run smoothly, maximizing production while eliminating errors. At Consolidated Plastics, our job is to provide whatever we can to make this task easier, often by helping factory workers with packaging solutions.

One example is Consolidated Plastics’ Flat Poly Bag. Whether in cases of 100, 250, 500, or 1000, our Layflat Poly Bags are the perfect plastic bag for both packaging goods and safety while shipping. Made from polypropylene in America, our bags have the seal of approval from both the FDA and the USDA. We provide the option of 15 different sizes, and in each case you can choose from 5 different thicknesses: .65 Mil, 1.25 Mil, 1.5 Mil, 2 Mil and 4 Mil.

For a slightly different type of packaging need, we present the Gusseted Poly Bag. This new type of bag is pleated on every side to provide greater volume inside. The resulting flatter bottom creates a stable base, which allows the bag to stand on end. This is the ideal durable container for a full complement of small parts, not only due to its ability to maintain its shape, but also because of the transparency of the plastic. This high clarity lets you easily look inside the bag without opening it, allowing workers to more quickly assess the contents.

But some products don’t fit in bags. For unusually shaped or unwieldy products, Consolidated Plastics has the Thermo Impulse Sealer. Our Thermo Impulse Sealers use heat to seal different types of plastic sheeting together in a flat, uniform seal of up to 10 millimeters in thickness. It comes with an adjustable timer that presets the welding time for sealing different types of plastics instantly, making the inside both air- and watertight. With the Thermo Impulse Sealer, you can seal polyethylene, saran, nylon, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, pliofilm, Kel-F, Mylar, polyflex, polyurethane, and polyvinyl alcohol. Unlike other models, no warm-up time is needed as you place the plastic sheets between the seal bars, press down for the recommended amount of time, and release once the sheets are welded. The Thermo Impulse Sealer works with multiple layers of plastic, including wrinkles and gussets. With one of our sealers in hand, you can truly heat up your operational efficiency through the miracle of plastic packaging.

Next, we’ll continue to examine the Consolidated Plastics user experience with a look at research laboratories.

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Plastics and Summer Heat

Air Temp Gauge

Photo By CipherN

Are you and your plastics ready for summer? As the days grow longer and the heat index ramps up, our thoughts turn to the hottest time of the year…you know, where we enjoy the taste of cool lemonade, the smell of flowers in gardens, fireflies dancing in the twilight and s’mores over a campfire. But the heat isn’t all fun, because with summer comes the threat of pervasive heat and potential effects on plastic products.

That said, over on the science side of Consolidated Plastics, we start by conforming to internationally recognized standards as we create safe plastic products. It’s important to remember to keep bottles cool when holding volatile chemicals, but oftentimes the summer heat can make that difficult. To reassure you, our Nalgene Griffin Low-form PMP Beakers are designed to meet the high performance standards of general laboratory use. With their silk-screened graduations and ribs for easier stacking, these handsome beakers are more than meets the eye. Not only are they made of  polypropylene, which means they have a superior chemical resistance, but they also meet the ISO/DIS 7056 International Standards for Laboratory Plasticware Accuracy. This helps to combat any air conditioning failures.

And if you like these beakers, take a look at our Nalgene™ Graduated PMP Beaker with Handle. These beakers have the same commitment to excellence, adding  handles to simplify carrying and pouring. They’re designed to withstand continuous use at high temperatures, and they’re perfect for a range of summer uses, from your lab to the neighborhood lemonade stand – just not a the same time!

Moving outdoors, floors in the summer are rarely clean, what with dirt, grass and pool water often tracked inside. Our Super Scrape Mats are made in the United States with superior scraping technology that saves carpets from muddy shoe prints. With their excellent traction and durable, 20% recycled rubber construction, Super Scrape Mats are heavy enough to withstand a breezy day while remaining pleasing to the eye. You can view a video of this mat in action on our website, where you can see how well it performs under pressure.

So, here’s yet another reason to consider Consolidated Plastics: Our products work well in every season and temperature. With the smart choice of Consolidated Plastics, summer days are simply a breeze!

Whats New in the World of Plastics

Plastic after being biodegraded by 10 worms

Plastic after being biodegraded by 10 worms for 30 minutes (Photo By CSIC Communications Department)

If you think of the plastics industry as established, staid and stationary, you might be surprised to learn that the field is constantly growing and changing. To many, plastic is simply a mat, a molded bottle or the keys on your computer keyboard, but behind every physical piece of plastic there’s a wealth of scientific knowledge and progress. So, as scientists across the globe work to make better and safer plastics, we turn to the most important question of all:

How does this nonstop effort benefit you? Consider the wax worm caterpillar (really a baby moth), which seems to have very little to do with, say, plastic bags. People use approximately a trillion polyethylene bags (including our Minigrip® Reclosable Bags) every year. While many people make the effort to recycle these bags after use, not everyone has that option.

This is where the wax worm caterpillar becomes important, because this type of creepy crawly can actually eat discarded plastic. Researchers at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria (IBBTEC) in Spain are conducting experiments to evaluate the efficacy of using the wax worm caterpillar to do what comes naturally – eating holes in plastic bags. And there are no worries for bug lovers, since the caterpillars suffer no ill effects and are safe and sound at the end of the day. Plastic just turns out to be their new favorite food, and that promises to help us reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes into landfills or the world’s oceans.

A very promising scientific development, caterpillar recycling is still a ways off, but there are many other plastics innovations that could impact us right now. Closer to home, we at Consolidated Plastics have been improving mat technology, as evidenced by our Executive Comfort Mat. Ideal for both workplace and home due to its lightweight, durable polyurethane composition, this high-quality, anti-fatigue mat pleases your feet and your wallet equally, since it’s engineered to last a lifetime. Our innovative research has resulted in an easy-to-clean mat with a smoothly beveled edge to prevent trips and falls. We know it beats the top gel mat on the market, and we invite you to request a sample and give us your opinion, too!

Using science enables Consolidated Plastics to continue to improve our product quality, our value and our utility. At the same time, we welcome your feedback, since we value your input as much today as we did when we started. Please continue sending us your ideas for new applications, comments on current products, or any other thoughts on how we can do more. The plastics industry is a dynamic industry, and we look forward to every new discovery as an opportunity to make our products better for you.

Our Commitment to Recycling & Sustainability

recycled tire playground

Recycled Tire Playground – Photo By Javacon117*

Recycling can seem like a daunting topic, reading about the amount of trash that goes into the ocean, or seeing video about the deterioration of our environment. In the last 50 years alone, humanity has used more of our finite resources than in all our past history combined, some studies indicate! That’s why it’s important to support companies that remain dedicated to innovative ecology, like Consolidated Plastics, which has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and recycling. We see increased sustainability as part the circle of life for all plastics, but especially for our own. Here are a few examples of our green products, with a specific highlight on our mats.

Our Berber mats, for example, are perfect for entryways with high foot traffic. With 30 colors in three different materials (wool, nylon and olefin), it’s safe to say this mat could suit any building. But our Berber mats have a secret you’d never guess from looking at them: Beneath this stain-resistant, polypropylene fabric is a heart made from 20% recycled plastic. In fact, they’re so eco-efficient that they’re endorsed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a subset of The United States Green Building Council (USGBC), and recommended for “the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green offices”. Whether you favor the looped style, the patterned loop, or the California Berber, all our Berber mats come with the option of imprinting your logo, along with a standard stamp of approval from the environment.

Recycling efforts can also be found in our United Mat Brush Scrape Mat, made of 15% recycled material. This outdoor mat is composed of rough nylon to keep your shoes safe from mud, just as we help to protect the mud itself. EPA statistics from 2007 show that 5 million tons of tire waste were generated in that year alone, with only 35 percent of the rubber recycled. This is important because, when tires biodegrade, they release toxins that can contaminate groundwater and the soil around them. The rubber backing of our United Mat™ Brush Scrape Mat is made from these recycled tires, which helps to preserve our environment and health.

At Consolidated Plastics, we track each of our products, from their start as base components to the finish line at your doorstep, because we’ve learned that an environmentally conscious start benefits us all. And conserving native raw materials leaves more natural ecosystems intact and saves more finite resources, helping yet again. With a little forethought, Consolidated Plastics is trying to make the world a better place, and we thank you for making these types of better choices, too!

Consolidated Plastics – Making Commercial Mat & Plastic Product Buying Easy

Industries & Commercial Mat Usage Guide

Industries & Commercial Mat Usage Guide

In this dynamic world, is seems like the only constant is change itself, particularly in regards to technology. You sit down with a cup of coffee, and up pops a notice of a system update. Favorite websites turn into confusing labyrinths of links. We know the tech world can be daunting, which is why we keep the Consolidated Plastics website intuitive and easy to use. Become – and stay – the person who knows where to find the plastic products that your company needs, through the convenience of the easy-to-use Consolidated Plastics website. Here’s what we mean:

Say, for a moment, you’re looking for the perfect plastic bag. An important item, since the ideal bag can literally make or break your product. You’ve done your research, sifted through your search engine results and landed, happily, here on the Consolidated Plastics site. Now, you’re bracing yourself for more research.

Instead, take a look at our plastic bag guide. The handy Consolidated Plastics product directory can be found by selecting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) tab at the top of the screen. From there, scroll down to find the section entitled “Buying Guides”. The Plastic Bags Buying Guide is the page for you. Our step-by-step guide not only provides links to every category of bag offered by Consolidated Plastics, but also clearly explains how to identify each bag type.

But what if, instead of a bag, you’re looking for the best mat? Of course, we have mat-seekers covered as well. Looking at our website, simply click on the “Industries & Mat Usage” link, located on the left side of every screen under the general heading of “Shop Floor Mats”. This will lead you to a list of possible industries your business may fall under. (If your specific business is not listed, simply choose a close alternative. Imagine you’re a cozy bookstore with an attached coffee shop. There may not be a specific listing for that exact combination, but you can choose another retail business that seems sympatico.) Using our wide variety of mat options, you can then determine if the retail section could be the best fit or if, perhaps, you might consider the ‘school’ category with its close ties to libraries and readers.

Not looking for bags or mats? Scroll down to the blue button on the bottom left-hand corner of each page. This will allow you to talk in real time with our friendly Live Chat customer service. There are a multitude of products offered by Consolidated Plastics, and our LiveChat representatives can help you sort through them all to find exactly what you need. If you get stuck or have a question, they’re always happy to help.

Now you know at least some of the tips and tricks that our own professional researchers suggested to help you in your search. With our wide inventory, you can now find virtually every type of bag and mat your business needs today, and you know where to look for more tomorrow. As a fellow plastics insider, welcome to the Consolidated Plastics team!

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