How commercial floor mats can help your restaurant this upcoming holiday season

A 2014 study revealed that, on average, the restaurant business industry’s revenue decreases by 45% during the holiday season. Needless to say, it is important for restaurants to be on their “A-Game” during this time to help turn around that statistic for their restaurant.

Consolidated Plastics has 5 reasons why our Commercial Matting for Restaurants can help you this holiday season!

1) Helps Stop Potential Accidents!

Protect your customers, employees, and your business against safety hazardous floors that are liable for slip-and-fall incidents. Our Floor mats are more than three times thicker than many of our competitor’s mats. Thickness speaks to the quality of the matt so the edges will not curl or crumple over time.

For high traffic areas, our special cleated rubber backing, certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute), keep mats in place and prevent matting fabric from scrunching together and creating a tripping hazard.

2) Saves your First Impression!

Keeping your entryways and high foot-traffic areas a cleaner environment for your customers truly makes a difference! During the fall and winter seasons (which should be called the leaves-dirt-snow season) you don’t want to make a bad impression on your customers by a floor that is just impossible to keep clean. Mat thickness also is important for this reason: the thicker the mat, the more effectively it traps moisture and hides dirt.

3) Saves yourself the headache!

No matter what weather you receive in your area (be it rain or shine, snow or sleet), having a weather resistant floor mat saves restaurants a world of trouble. A floor mat should be a lasting fixture in a restaurant, not an annual expense. Plus, the last thing a manager wants to worry about is the floor mat. Save yourself, your business, and your customers the headache of worrying about the ground they walk on. Our Commercial Restaurant Floor Mats are made to have high-quality, long lasting performance.

4) Save on Costs!

The holiday seasons are hard on Restaurants already so don’t get caught throwing your money away on mat rental contracts. Consolidated plastics entryway mats hold in more dirt then rental mats and they are easy to clean and maintain yourself. Check out our video regarding renting versus buying your mats.

5) Share your Brand!

Our custom logo floor mats can help you keep your restaurant clean and dry, all while promoting your brand from the floor up! (Pun Intended)

Positive, long lasting impressions with your patrons is your goal. Having a quality mat that keeps your restaurant clean safe and dry and not having to worry about it is Consolidated’s goal.

Consolidated Plastics can put just about any logo on our Custom Logo Mats, our Aquasorb® Inlay Logo Mats, and our durable Super Scrape Custom Logo Mats. We offer hundreds of color options, standard sizes (up to 60ft in length!) as well as custom sizes, we are here to help you promote your brand.

Every restaurant needs floor mats, why not make them custom and include your logo?