How Quality Commercial Matting Can Be Eco-Friendly

When looking for a mat to meet your business needs, you might wonder: Is all commercial matting created equal? We could talk all day about how Consolidated Plastics produces quality indoor and outdoor mats for a variety of commercial settings, maintains reasonable prices, and utilizes innovative technology in our Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat, Custom Logo Mat, and Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat. Just as key as our quality products, we are committed to maintaining environmentally conscious practices. Here’s just a few of the ways in which Consolidated Plastics demonstrates a commitment to reducing harmful environmental impacts while still effectively meeting your commercial mat needs.

  1. We Offer Quality Commercial Matting: We all know that if it’s not broken, then don’t fix it, so we build our commercial matting to last through many seasons and the conditions that go along with those seasons. By creating high quality matting for indoor and outdoor commercial applications, we reduce the need to use precious resources to produce new materials.
  1. We Include Recycled Materials in Matting: When we manufacture new products, we’re always looking for applications for utilizing recycled material. For example, the cleated backing for our best-selling Aquasorb Inlay Logo Mat provides excellent floor grip, eliminates slipping hazards, and comes from recycled rubber tires. Check out our Aquasorb and Majestic Commercial Mat lines to find more options which include components made from recycled materials, such as tires and bottles.
  1. Our Mats Can Reduce Chemical Use in Cleaning: Maybe you’ve started thinking about mats for your business because of the coming winter months. Entryway mats are critical for absorbing the salt, snow, and slush which accompany the colder weather. Investing in commercial matting from Consolidated Plastics will not only help you keep your entryways clean and safe for your clients, it will protect your carpets and reduce the need for chemical cleaners. Instead, our mats can be easily maintained through regular vacuuming. For our Aquasorb and Majestic line, you can use regular soap and water as a natural cleaner to maintain your entryway mats.
  1. Our Matting Can Protect Carpeting: Using entryway mats for your business will help keep your carpets clean, reduce the amount of chemical solvents and cleaners you need, and also extend the life and maintain the quality of your carpeting. When your carpeting can stand up to time and weather, it frees you up to do your business, invest your resources in other projects, and reduce potential waste.

Not only does Consolidated Plastics demonstrate a commitment to quality products produced in an environmentally conscious way, the lasting benefits of our commercial matting will help you achieve ecologically sound practices. If that’s not reason enough, consider that 99% of our mats are made in the U.S., part of our commitment to keeping America on track, through the jobs and people we support and the traction quality matting provides. Look no further for a company whose practices you can be proud to support!

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