How To Choose The Perfect Custom Logo Mat

Consolidated Plastics Releases Custom Logo Mat Buying Guide!

Consolidated Plastics just released a custom logo mat buying guide to help customers pick out the mat that will perfectly meet their needs.

Buying a custom logo mat is a worthwhile investment…if you can find the right mat. The right mat can make your company’s logo stand out, as well as provide your business entryway with a clean, safe welcome for your employees and clients.

When trying to choose the custom logo mat that works for your business, there are so many options to sort through that it is nearly impossible to choose.

With this knowledge in mind, Consolidated Plastics crafted a guide that will make choosing the perfect custom logo mat for your business easy!

The custom logo mat buying guide compares the qualities of Consolidated Plastic’s three custom logo mat types: Aquasorb Inlay logo mat, HD custom logo mat, and Super Scrape custom logo mat. The comparison includes price, size, shipping time, color options, backing types, and special matting qualities.

When using the buying guide, determine which qualities your business is looking for in a custom logo mat. Then, you can view the qualities each of the three custom logo mats has to offer to help decide which mat meets your needs the best.

By using Consolidated Plastic’s new custom logo mat buying guide, you can rid yourself of the hassle and frustration of picking the perfect mat for your business!

Shop for your custom logo mat for your business at Consolidated Plastics!