How to Create a Safe Work Environment

There are more than four medically consulted injuries for every 200,000 hours of workplace exposure,” according to the National Safety Council. Creating a safe work environment is very important. A safer work environment will improve a company’s financial performance and employee productivity. There are a few things employers can do to help minimize work-related injuries.

  • Training. One way to create a safer work environment is to have employees learn about safety principles. Employers can have a Learning Management System or Human Capital Management System for training and safety programs planned annually throughout the year to help build awareness of how to keep safe from getting hurt. Training can be offered in-person or online. It is also great to use Learning and Safety Management System’s “moment-of-need training” for industrial companies that have machinery so employees can have a tutorial on how to work a machine if needed.
  • Listen to Employees. Employees are great resources to help employers figure out what is needed to make a work environment safe. They observe unsafe conditions and incidents that go on.
  • Physical Environment. Design of a work space is important in preventing injuries. Many people work with hazardous chemicals and machinery so they need to be placed in specific locations to help build a safe work environment. A few other important aspects of a workplace’s physical environment are control of temperature, humidity, light, noise, ventilation and space. Control of these things will create a more comfortable and efficient work atmosphere.
  • Apparel. Industrial apparel can determine your safety fate. Workforce apparel was specially made to help prevent injuries when you are on the job. It is highly suggested for people with dangerous jobs to wear a hard hat and gloves that meet government ANSI standards. There are different kinds of gloves for different work environments. Leather gloves protect against cuts. Welder’s gloves are thick and insulated to protect hands from intense heat. Nitrate or latex gloves prevent dangerous liquids from getting to your skin. There are also shirts and pants that are durable and heavy-duty to help keep safe from worksite hazards like fire and chemicals. It is also good to wear reflective apparel when you need to alert your presence like construction, utility, and police workers. Non-slip shoes are important as well to help with slipping and falling. You should think about investing in boots with high tops and steel plates also if you work with heavy-duty machinery or in a dangerous work zone.
  • Industrial Floor Mats. If you want to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere, you should invest in industrial floor mats. Floor mats are sturdy and cushioned to help workers who are on their feet all day. Consolidated Plastics are known for their Anti-Fatigue Mats, which are specialized for work environments. Our floor mats are certified by NFSI national floor safety institute to be slip resistant.  The mats are also specifically made to help with legs and back support. The extra cushion in the Anti-Fatigue Mats also reduces pressure on a person’s body. There are also industrial rubber mats that are resistant to chemicals, water, oils, greases and are welding safe.

There have been many accidents and deaths on work sites. It is management’s responsibility to take action in creating a safe work environment. You can make a difference.