How to Keep Spring Out of Your Entryway

It is finally time to open up the windows and let in some fresh air because spring has arrived! Although spring brings sunshine and warmer weather, it also brings torrential rain and lots of mud.

If you own a business, you know it is nearly impossible for your employees to remove all of the mud and water from their shoes upon entering the office building. If you are a homeowner with a family, you know how messy your kids can be coming home from school as they track in all of the mud and wetness spring can bring.

In both cases, you know how much money and time you can spend keeping your entryways dirt free for your family or professional looking for your employees and clients. Fortunately, Consolidated Plastics has a solution to both of these problems!

We offer three types of outdoor floor mats for your entryway that are a small investment compared to the amount of good they can do for your office or home entryway.

Super Scrape Mats

Our Super Scrape entrance mats are made of sturdy 100% rubber that does not fade after exposure to sunlight. This mat is only a quarter of an inch thick so you can keep the mud and rain out of your office or home without the bulkiness of a thick rubber mat.

Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper Matsmats

Our Heavy-Duty Shoe-Scraper entry mats are specifically designed to keep the elements out of your home or office with its tough build and thousands of rubber bristles that scrape the dirt and mud off your shoes. Because of their durability and heavy-duty design, these entrance floor mats can hold several pounds of dirt between cleanings and can be shaken out for easier cleaning.

United Mat™ Brush Scrape Mats

Our United Mat™ Brush Scrape entry door mats with coarse nylon fibers that scrub the mud and moisture from your shoes. The turf pile fabric construction keeps any mud or moisture already on the mat away from the mat surface so you aren’t muddying your shoes as you enter your home or office. These mats come in a variety of colors and will keep your entryway looking clean and professional for longer.

All of these entrance floor mats are designed to keep the dirt, rain, and mud out of your office or home so you can keep your entryways cleaner for longer. Not only will you spend less time and money on cleaning your entryways, but you will be less worried about potential slips and falls from wet floors. Invest in a Consolidated Plastics outdoor entryway mat and enjoy spring without all the hassle and worry!