How to Select an Industrial Floor Mat for your Manufacturing Facility

Modern day manufacturing machinery has replaced human workers in many ways, but it is still just as important as ever to keep employees safe and comfortable. After all, a happy worker is a productive worker. Towards this end, many companies (including Consolidated Plastics) offer a variety of industrial floor mats to help keep workers safe, comfortable, and working hard.

What type of industrial floor mat do you need though? It’s no longer as easy as it once was to choose, especially with the addition of more and more mats on the market. Truth be told, the answer is that it “depends”. First and foremost, it depends on your company’s goals.

Step 1: Define your company’s goals. What is important to you? Are you looking for a long lasting solution, and if you are, are you ready to pay for it? Financial law states you get what you pay for. Higher quality industrial floor mats are constructed out of higher quality materials, and therefore are going to be more expensive. Of course, not everyone needs high quality matting – The point here is to make sure you align your search for industrial floor mats with set company objectives.

Step 2: List your matting requirements. Now that you know the mindset to use when starting your search, the next step is to know exactly what you want and/or need in a mat’s physical characteristics. For example, consider the following.

  • Mat thickness. Will the mat’s thickness interfere with any manufacturing processes?
  • Mat dimensions. How long and how wide must this matting be? Will it vary?
  • Environmentally friendly. Do you care if the mat is made out of recycled materials?
  • Employee comfort. Just how comfortable does this mat need to be?
  • Drainage capability. Does this mat need to efficiently drain liquids onto the floor?
  • Onsite customization. Will you ever need to change the dimensions of the mat on site?
  • Material type. Does the mat need to be made completely out of rubber? Does it matter?

Step 3: Browse industrial floor mats or contact Consolidated Plastics for recommendations based on your company’s specific needs. Two great mats for your industrial floor are the Ultra Anti-Fatigue Modular Tile Mat and the Ultra Anti-Fatigue Linkable Mat.  Both of these mats are extra-large, modular ultra anti-fatigue mats and they are now available in unlimited sizes for extra-large areas and easy cleaning.  If you are looking for an economical anti-fatigue option, Consolidated Plastics offers the Ultra Sponge Mat.

Finally, make a final decision and complete the buying process.

Voilà. By following this simple 3-step process, you’re bound to successfully determine what type of industrial floor matting your manufacturing facility needs. If you have any question

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