Innovative Logo Mats

The consumer-retail industry is perhaps the largest industry in the world, and definitely one of the most competitive. Interestingly, this poses a rather unique problem to most distributers: how to distinguish one’s self from multiple competitors that sell the exact same product. Although there are a number of different strategies available to choose from, one of the most effective is brand-name promotion.

Consumers associate retail stores with their brand names & logos. If a store had no logo, or even worse, no brand name, it is highly unlikely that the store would ever become a clear success. Similarly, a store with a weak brand name or logo also has a reduced likelihood of profitability and chance of success. What does this go to show? Distributers in the consumer-retail industry could compete against their competitors better if they strengthened their brand name and their logo!

In accordance with this mission, Consolidated Plastics has recently introduced a new mat to its catalog that incorporates practicability and marketability into one product. The Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat is an outdoor mat that’s perfect for scraping mud, water and snow onto, but with a slight twist; stores can place their logo and/or brand name on the mat! This means that every customer entering or exiting the building will see the retailer’s logo in a new and fresh location.

The result? A fresh consumer experience that most distributers aren’t currently offering their customers. Although this is in and of itself is a huge advantage, these customized outdoor mats also provide a number of more “material” benefits:

  • Durability. Constructed 100% out of durable rubber, the logo will not fade in the sunlight, and the mat itself is sure to last for a long time!
  • Sustainability. Environmental goals are still a big part of America right now, and Consolidated Plastics upholds their responsibility seriously. The rubber mat is constructed from 15% recycled rubber tires.
  • Economic Viability. Consolidated Plastic’s Super Scrape Custom Logo Mat is worth the price, especially considering the fact that outdoor mats keep retail stores cleaner by trapping moisture and debris outside, where it belongs.

Interested in strengthening your brand name and logo while providing material benefits, such as the cleanliness of your store? You should be. Check out Consolidated Plastic’s new Super Scrape logo mat today!