Investing in Commercial Floor Mats: Why is it Important?

“Slippery When Wet” signs have become one of the most used warnings across America. Indeed, it seems as if almost every non-residential building now owns one or more of these signs, as a precaution to both clients and employees. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that hundreds of thousands of buildings like yours all suffer from the same problem: slippery flooring.

Unfortunately, putting an inexpensive precautionary sign does little to guarantee one’s safety. Trips, slips, and falls are only all too common. If embarrassment was the worst that could happen, then there’s really no cause to worry – however, a hard fall on a slippery surface almost always leads to more. Whether it’s a bruise, a twisted ankle, or even a ride to the hospital, it’s an avoidable nuisance that can impact your life and stop your productivity.

Fortunately, Consolidated Plastics provides an affordable solution to this problem that also brings several other benefits besides. That solution is commercial floor mats. These mats are much less slippery then tile, linoleum, wood, or carpeting when wet, and therefore give clients and employees fewer opportunities to fall.

Although safety is one of the most important advantages that a commercial floor mat can provide, it is certainly not the only! Other benefits include:

  • Cost Savings. Cleaning an entrance mat is often much easier than cleaning the actual entryway floor. This is because mats are mobile, and are not expected to be 100% spotless. With the added ease of movement and more reasonable expectations, cleaning can occur more efficiently and at a lower total cost.
  • Less Wear & Tear. Although wear & tear isn’t a big deal on tile or other extremely hard types of flooring, wood, carpet, and linoleum are all subject to wear over time. Commercial floor mats can be used to cover up old worn spots, or used to prevent new ones.
  • Branding. If you decide to buy a custom floor mat from Consolidated Plastics, you have the ability to place words and images onto the mat, including your logo. This gives a very professional appearance, while maintaining all other benefits of commercial floor mats.

Commercial floor mats are worth investing in for numerous reasons. It might just save you or a client a nasty fall, as well as provide other benefits like a cost savings, reduced wear and tear, and a positive branding experience.